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  1. Jakek9

    Even More New KH3D Screenshots

    I love the light aura. Though a darkness aura would be badass for Riku. STILL MAD about the no KH2 outfits. >:D
  2. Jakek9

    KH: DDD costumes...

    it actually makes me slightly upset that it's not the KH2 outfits. Effff Nomura.
  3. Jakek9

    Secret Ending Full Gameplay (Spoil)ers of course

    It reminds me of the heartless from Beasts Castle in KH2
  4. Jakek9

    (3D Trailer Spoilers I guess)

    DAMNIT! I legitimately want the KH2 games in one EFFING game besides KH2. I'm getting sick of this Kh1 remake shizzz. In all due respect, this looks really good. But I hope it's just a demo still with a title. Because otherwise I slightly dissapoint at the clothes. Because then it has to be...
  5. Jakek9

    Fandub of This Scene (Anyone want to voice Xion?)

    lol. I feel slightly weirded out. Just slightly. I just thought it'd be better if both were dubbed. lol.
  6. Jakek9

    Fandub of This Scene (Anyone want to voice Xion?)

    Hey, Wanted to do a fandub of this scene YouTube - 358/2 Days, English cutscene: 19 - Xion and Axel Face Off But I need a Xion. Anyone up for it? Pleaassse? lol.
  7. Jakek9

    Spoilers Through Music

    My friends could never guess who Vanitas was voiced by. I thought it was so obvious, and some of them were pretty big fans. Meh/ Whatever, I would have never noticed the theme if I would have ignored this thread.
  8. Jakek9

    Does Terra ever learn to glide? Jump? Anything?

    Re: does terrq ever learn how to fly...? I thought it was easy to figure out, considering the title, and you could finish the assumption at the first post in the thread. Anyways he Never learns it. He learns a "slide" in midair sorta thing. Thats just about it. Basically, Terra does not fly. D:
  9. Jakek9

    Funny things that have happened to you in Birth By Sleep

    I find that the game likes to be the opposite at the end of how it started. For me, I'll eb constantly losing in laps but then become 1st on the very last one.
  10. Jakek9

    Growth System?

    Actually D-links sounds sorta like that. Gaining armor? Well the pictures change once the D-link levels up, and more commands are added. So ya, why not?
  11. Jakek9

    What's this effect

    it's called Auto-tune. And your post is called Spam I believe because it is not autuned to the right section.
  12. Jakek9

    Does anyone else have this on their copy?

    Maybe they just labeled the game as one, long, giant ass cutscene.
  13. Jakek9

    Well look who beat MF at lvl 50 Critical Mode

    Even if they did, it's not at fault. It's the best, IF NOT then one of the best strategy's and is a great way to learn and beat him the first run through. Imagination? It's a video game, you can only have concepts on what moves to use to beat him. Though I agree, people need to be more creative.
  14. Jakek9

    Well look who beat MF at lvl 50 Critical Mode

    I beat him with Aqua at 44 and also at 44 with Ventus. And he told me 45 does as much damage as level 1. WHATALIE! Screw Terra. Dunno if I should even try, knowing Terra's moves and all. And yes, this was on Critical Mode. Seems like everyone is doing this the average level of 50. :3
  15. Jakek9

    Well look who beat MF at lvl 50 Critical Mode

    Accidental post. Plz deleterz.
  16. Jakek9

    Well look who beat MF at lvl 50 Critical Mode

    I was just wondering if you have beaten him at a lower level yet?
  17. Jakek9

    Ventus Meets Lea Fandub

    lol. My braig made me laugh to. It's fine. Once again, it's my first time. Agreed. ^.^
  18. Jakek9

    Ventus Meets Lea Fandub

    Was my first time that bad?!? I know it wasn't great or anything, but it was my first timerz.
  19. Jakek9


    The button may be broken, it may just not be responding, to much dust inside, ect.
  20. Jakek9

    Ventus Meets Lea Fandub

    Ya, It was weird messing round with the volume settings for each clip, plus I was to close to the stupid mic making it all sound....bleh! Thanks though! :D