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  1. Launchpad

    Traverse Town origins...(Fun Discussion)

    It is an interesting thing to ponder, but I really would love nothing more than for SOMETHING in KH1 to be left well enough alone. We've already gone through 'that wasn't the real Ansem', 'Aqua was there the whole time during the ending', and 'Ansem was on Destiny Islands because of time...
  2. Launchpad

    Android or iOS?

    they really should just release a cheap, dirty version on consoles. not everyone has a phone that can run this shit, and not everyone wants to spare the space on their phones for big games. it feels like Kingdom Hearts backsliding into some bad habits, splintering important story beats into...
  3. Launchpad

    KH Shower Thoughts

    in hindsight, it's very funny that KH1 Sora claims his magic is "as good as Donald's now" and Donald just has to grin and bear it, knowing that he's got Zettaflare on deck just in case things REALLY get serious
  4. Launchpad

    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material ReMIX

    when I was younger and a lot stupider I was definitely on that "well *I* already support gay people so I sure hope they don't shove that shit in my FACE!!!" bit, but having grown up and listened to a lot of perspectives from gay pals (along with just... pulling my head out from my ass) I...
  5. Launchpad

    About running... (Fun Discussion)

    Sora's running speed is fine, and I don't think sprinting is the best option for mobility anyway. On the other hand, while Air-step was a neat mechanic in 3, I wonder if it's a bit too free to just be able to point at a location and fly to it. It isn't exactly thrilling to instantly snap to an...
  6. Launchpad

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    This is also true of the KH1 version! There are several sections beyond even the cave, and finishing each one will drop you into a different area of the jungle.
  7. Launchpad

    When are we expecting news?

    Old Launchpad has a funny feeling in his rickety old bones that KH4 didn't have platforms announced in the reveal trailer because Sony was in the process of scoring a timed exclusivity deal, to give it parity with FFXVI and 7Rebirth.
  8. Launchpad

    Dream On

    Mostly that at this stage in the story, Kairi, Donald and Goofy all want the same thing, and all I've ever known Minnie and Daisy to do is stand around and be boring in Disney Castle. Sticking Kairi with them feels like a new way to do the same thing as always, sideline her and give her nothing...
  9. Launchpad

    Dream On

    Meh, I don't see why we should pair her up with two characters she's spent no time with and we as an audience have spent no time with, when she already has history and a mutual bestie with D&G
  10. Launchpad

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora Amiibo Releasing in 2024

    They model the statues based on the default render of each character. For characters striking a more action-y pose, they add really unsightly grey-clear plastic that makes the amiibo look like shit so I'm glad its just Sora hittin' the KH1 manual pose
  11. Launchpad

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    I will say, as someone who's usually a stickler for this kinda thing, the actress that played Rapunzel was DEAD ON in KH3, it was an extremely solid impression. If anything, Zachary Levi sounded less like Eugene than he ought to have. I didn't watch the TV show front to back, but his take on the...
  12. Launchpad

    Dream On

    My biggest dream for KH4 is that it isn't just Donald and Goofy looking for Sora, but Kairi too. Kairi's first scene has her sparring with Aqua, then she sneaks off with D&G who 'have a plan' to look for Sora, ie, going to the underworld. D&G bring out a side of Kairi that the audience hasn't...
  13. Launchpad

    When are we expecting news?

    Kingdom Hearts can definitely forego the whole 'must be at E3, must be at a state of play, must be TGS, must be D23' thing at this point. KH makes big dick dollars and gets big dick views. All they have to do is post on their socials "THERE WILL BE A TRAILER NEXT WEEK" and the machine will work...
  14. Launchpad

    When are we expecting news?

    At risk of being overly granular on this point, we got a KH3 trailer around New Years in 2015, five months after E3. KH3 itself wouldn't be seen again until E3 2017, a year and six months later. It's been a year and FIVE months since KH4 was announced, and we're well on our way to blasting past...
  15. Launchpad

    Dream On

    Oh true. Man, this game has a lot more setup than I remember
  16. Launchpad

    Dream On

    I know as of Melody of Memory, Yen Sid has commanded everyone to suspend their search for Sora, but in the KH4 trailer, we see Donald and Goofy looking for him still-- It's a highly specific hope, but I hope this is them sneaking off to search for a lead of their own. Now that Riku's also...
  17. Launchpad

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Having now gotten some distance from the game, my feelings are conflicted. I love pretty much all the characters, and I was immensely satisfied with how everything played out, however shmaltzy the ending was. What troubles me is the core gameplay loop-- I don't think I can ever bring myself to...
  18. Launchpad

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    For the most part, even if in smaller moments, practically every character that had beef with Xehanort got some form of finality. Aqua and Ven were the trigger that expunged him from Terra's body, Riku was satisfied with Ansem's final words, and Kairi at least got to square up against him...
  19. Launchpad

    Where would you place Melody Of Memory...(Fun Discussion)

    on the subject of Xehanort appearing multiple times beyond the 'Xehanort Saga', here's where I land. It's fine for him to continue to make appearances if there's a good reason for it, but it is kind of shitty that the final boss of vanilla KH3 isn't the last time he's fought. He appears as a...