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    That's good. Nothing wrong with chilling.

    That's good. Nothing wrong with chilling.
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    Get ready for the spoops.

    Get ready for the spoops.
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    Been alright. Just working and chilling mainly. It's cool. Life gets in the way...

    Been alright. Just working and chilling mainly. It's cool. Life gets in the way. Unfortunately, I can't really add anything to the RP. except editing it slightly.
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    Closed Persona: Icebound In Medias Res (CD-Mann, Cinder, and Max, Collabs RP)

    Alright. Just working and chilling at home. Been watching Food Wars and rewatching Kamen Rider Decade as of late.
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    Film ► An odd thought I had...

    Am I the only one that thinks the Little Mermaid song "Under the Sea" is merfolk propaganda? I mean King Triton didn't want Ariel to have anything to do with the land lubbers. And Sebastian just so happens to have an anti-land song complete with a choreographed dance and a band? Seems kinda...
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    Persona: Icebound In Medias Res

    Saito got into the passenger's seat of the jeep. After that, he shoved his gloves in his coat pockets and put his goggles back around his neck. He let his exhaustion take over and shut his eyes for a bit. His rest was interrupted by the all too familiar sound of fist hitting face. What now? he...
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    Bosses With No Cards

    This is hilarious. I wonder what would happen if Sora and the Boss has no cards.
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    Translation Pet Peeves

    So I've been reading a fan translation of the Problem Children light novels series lately. And they do things that just irk me. Things like: leaving words in romanized Japanese (like [insert Japanese name of animal here]mimi, kawai, or sound effects) and leaving honorifics (-san, -chan, etc.). I...
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    TV ► Tokusatsu

    So I noticed that there is a distinct lack of Tokusatsu discussion on this forum. Well, this thread's here to fix that! What is Tokusatsu you ask? Tokusatsu is a Japanese term used when talking about live-action shows or movies that uses a lot of special effects. Examples would be Power...
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    Peace's Pieces

    Hello, ya'll. InnerPeace here. Though, you can probably tell by the title and the User Name. So yeah, I wrote some stuff outside the Roleplaying section. Is the fire and brimstone version of Hell about to freeze over? Probably not. If it does feel free to blame me. These one shots started...
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    Pokémon: Rise and Fall

    It is a beautiful Spring day in the Kalos region. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The wind is gently rustling the leaves on the trees. The brooks of chocolate dappled into grander rivers. The unicorns were farting candy rainbows in the sky. And the lollipop meadows were singing show...
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    Pokémon: Rise and Fall

    Congratulations, You've been cordially invited to take part in the Pokémon League World Championship. For completing such tasks as: collecting eight badges in your region, beating the Elite Four, or other heroic deeds, you have been deemed qualified to take part in this grand tournament. A...
  14. Peace

    Pokémon RP interest check

    I've been kicking this idea around in my for a while now so here goes. Who would be interested in either collaborating or participating in a Pokémon RP? What I have so far is that it's the time of year for the Pokémon World Championship. The invitations have been sent out and the participants...
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    Persona: All is Lost {Sign-ups & OOC}

    Persona ~ All is Lost An InnerPeace and Piercing Light collaboration You are now entering a world where your inner self can take form. Bloomwick University...a hilltop school in Wisconsin that contains the key to your future. This college offers a myriad of courses to its students, from...
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    [R2-B10] Prophet vs. Tenyas

    Arena: New York City. Yeah, you read right, NYC, the Big Apple, etc, etc. Yeah, I know it's an overused city, but it's easy to visualize. In addition, there is a forcefield encompassing the city (and Jersey). Keep in mind that the US Military wouldn't appreciate two mechs fighting in one of the...
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    Who's up for a Persona RP? I have some idea's swimming around in my head (some more evolved than others). My first (more evolved idea) is a sort of college life RP. The story is that the students are forbidden to be out at midnight. Contrary to this rule, there are still students that wander...
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    Fanfiction ► Aerith's Return-FF7-FFX [Chapter 2]

    Re: Aerith's Return-FF7-FFX [Chapter 1] ^ To answer your question, follow this link.