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    who goes on it? it liek insanity, you know what i men?
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    The FireFox Fanclub!

    Are you sick of boring, slow Internet Explorer? Are you sick of not being able to see transparent PNGs? Then... GET FIREFOX AND JOIN THE CLUB!!! Presidents :eek: : Boondock Saint,_Odin_ Member(s): Chaywa, jump, Absolution_Fear Anyone is free to join xD... As long as you have Firefox...;P
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    Leveled Up Graphics Assignment 4

    I had this in mind for a really long time..... PRESSIES!!! XD Only a couple of requirements: 1. Has to be for someone in this clan. 2. Has to be AT LEAST 200x50 3. Be the pressie be sig or ani, must have person's name in pressie. 4. Everyone must have at lease ONE pressie each at the end of...
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    help, please?

    haven't been to the KH2 section lately. how do i unlock the struggle matches between Setzer and Seifer and how do i unlock the other Paradox cups (besides Pain & Panic and Cerberus) in Olympus Coliseum?
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    .:+-=^^Barrier Break Graphics^^=-+:.

    Welcome to .:+-=^^Barrier Break Graphics^^=-+:. This is a graphics clan. We do not simply limit ourselves to signatures and avatars, we also do animations as well. Current leaders: _Odin_ Boondock Saint Current members: .:Clan Code and Rules:. 1. No spam. This includes requests that should...
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    YRP, no where to be found...

    well, if you want spoilers...
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    Ice Cream

    well, i wouldn't just traverse half the country just to get ice cream. i mean, how lame can a person get?
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    i'd kinda like it if you gave me creds, [-JF-].... i got it last week and i'm done with the game... i think i'm too obsessed...
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    guys, you know when Roxas is writing the glyph in the mansion library to get to the computer room? did you pay close attention to the symbol on the bottom? do you think it will signify something in the 3rd game?
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    Leveled Up Graphics Assignment 2

    Well, since everybody has been asking, i'm making assignment in which everyone has to make a ... a... banner!!!!! the requirements are that it has to be at least 200X200. i know it sounds demanding, but that's about the right size for banners. this has to be completed by April 16th. if the...
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    Leveled Up Graphics Assignment 1

    Well, this assignment is here to see who's active and who's not. this assignment is simple. use any of these pics: http://www.finalfantasyworld.co.uk/khextreme/kh2/screenshots/opening/KH2_Intro_High_KairiLi_Roxas.jpg...
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    KH2 more cinamatic?

    well, that's what nomura was going for anyway, so there you go! and i love it. a lot.
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    NEW English KH2 Vids!!!

    @^#% man! this is hot! thanx for showing! had no idea this was around...
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    maleficent and yrp

    please, guys, use the spoiler boxes! there is a reason there's a thread just for PRACTICING using spoiler boxes!
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    maleficent and yrp

    please, guys, use the spoiler boxes! there is a reason there's a thread just for PRACTICING using spoiler boxes!
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    zomg. the recent video=hawtness.
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    i really don't know. this dude must be someone from a magazine who uploaded this video onto youtube. it obviously can't be an average joe who's waiting for the game to come out. i'm settling on the magazine dude theory.
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    This Is Unfair

    well, it's a game is not a game if the makers give everything before hand. that's just stupid.
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    KHII Soundtrack

    same. i think buying the soundtrack would be cool, though, 'cus you could listen to the KH2 music whenever you feel like it! Now i feel like a dork...
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    .:*=*Leveled Up Graphics: Recruiting!*=*:.

    the title explains it all! anybody who want ts to join, just post your work and we'll decided whether you are good enough to join this GFX clan! all you have to do is post some links to your tags and we'll give a verdict. (and by "we," i mean Game Master Boy, Cloud Leingod and I...