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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    I'm sorry, I know this wasn't for me but... I think what she said can be combined with what you said: they don't negate each other. I think she's right: I shouldn't have to change for a girl, but that doesn't take out the possibility for me to be the best I can [as you put it]. Well, I hope I...
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    Yes, I'm changing myself for me, not for her. Well, trying to. And, hey, just use 'Hiro'. ;)
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    That's going to have a big no as an answer. Unfortunately, I am not the type that exposes his feelings to others, most of the time. [c'mon, it took me one year to tell her that I liked her.... and she's actually the first one I've ever told that] That's what I've been supposedly doing since I...
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    I'd say everybody helped. ^^ I think know what I have to do, more or less... which is to try to understand their situation [and mine], try to move on [let her go, but keep her as a friend], change some aspects of myself... things I knew I should have done before [it's been, *gasp*, one year and...
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    Woohoo, so that makes me one who made something good out of something bad, eh? Well, anyways, I like where this thread is going... discussions about abstract things often amaze me. What I think is this: 'False Love' = Lust [or some other reason to be with the person, like money] 'True Love' =...
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    Thanks for all the replies! ^^ You all helped, believe it. [still, that doesn't mean I don't want more replies =p] Well, usually I would tell these things to my best friend... thing is, she is my best friend [although I don't think I'm her best friend _ _"] That would actually be because...
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    Help/Support ► I can't take it anymore!

    [Well, maybe I can... but it's hard.] Anyways, hello to all of the Insiders here! I'm here because, well, I need help. I've made a post here some months ago [but I doubt anyone remembers me] about this very same subject: girls. Or, more exactly, a girl. I'll explain it faster than last time...
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    Help/Support ► Your friends' girlfriend?

    Wow. A lot of posts. O_O Well, to tell you the truth, I've already thought of all these possible outcomes myself. Not saying any post was useless; I just don't know what I wanted by posting this here. Maybe some 'magical' solution so everything wuld be perfect. o_O I don't want them to hate...
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    Help/Support ► Your friends' girlfriend?

    Well, um... I don't really know how to begin. Guess I'll start from when I met her: Last year, me and some friends started playing some RPG with people from other classes [Of our school]. We'd play after school. So I started meeting people I didn't know until then. [I'm not good at meeting...
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    Question about Zexion

    He could have faked. Didn't Axel do it, like, two times? Maybe even Axel could be alive.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Remember that we never know how idiotic Square can be.
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    the Kingdom Hearts 2 Challenge

    You mean that you can only get to 16 with Roxas? In that case, I rule. And what did you mean by "he can only use 10 of them"? (abilities?)
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    Small Speculation

    I know, lol. Also, on a side note, Nomura is ghei. :closedeyes:
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    Small Speculation

    What could this mean? It will appear more, or have new cutscenes with it? Or maybe The King explains it's significance to us.
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    Final Mix+ Cover Released!!

    I hope there are other covers inside. Like one for KH2 and one for re:CoM. I like that one, but the KH2 looked so much better. ;)
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    The Kingdom Hearts 2 Challenge - Part One!

    What about all together: LLIENAcNINMNAb, woot!? That would be hard. Damn hard. I'll try it when I get my PS2 back. It's broken T.T
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    Luxords's Boss Battle Stank!

    I killed him as a dice. =D
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    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    YES!!! I mean they must have at least one person who knows mathematics to make them understand that: KH2:FM + Re:CoM + N.A. release = profit dammit!!!
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    Question about Zexion

    His weapon has a real form (which is a spoiler), but he can change it into anything by using his element illusion. He is not the knight, and I think he could be alive after CoM, but I think he is not. He could, however, appear in KH3 as it seems to have some link with the past.
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    What are all the new things in Final Mix?

    KH: FM has... - New Keyblades [One-Winged Angel, Diamond Dust] - New Items [experience boosters, new gummi blocks...] - New Cutscenes [Riku, Deep Dive] - English VAs, Japanese subs. - New Heartless [Chimera, another mushroom... also, old Heartless on new colors ¬¬] ...and I think that's it...