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    Leveling up stat boost help

    I'm having the same exact problem, even tho i'm using terra my strength has gone up like once but my magic seems to grow ever single time. i tried changing keyblades and fighting using only physical attacks instead of magic, but i haven't noticed an effect yet
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D E3 Trailer

    sounds awesome and thanks for the amazing description. I figure we probably won't be seeing a trailer for this anytime soon especially since the 3ds isn't even out yet... but the your description does inspire the imagination. My first thought upon reading this were it might explain the kindgom...
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    SQEX goodies: BBS Keyblade Keychains!! (pre-order now available)

    Re: SQEX goodies: BBS Keyblade Keychains!! i want to get them but they are to pricey, hmmmm kinokuniya might have them at a slightly petter price
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    CHECK this out if you wanna see some bbs battle commands translations!

    Re: CHECK this out if you wanna see some bbs battle commands translationS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soul release, detonate square, and zero gravity these are the three comands that sound epic to me but ballon letter sounds hilarious
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    Riku DOES have amber eyes!

    his eyes were definately amber for a split second and i'm betting it's just like what everyone said about symbolizing his control over darkness ... heck it's probably why sora asked "what was that?" right after the color change unless you guys think he was asking "what was that?" because he...
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    Master's Circle

    heh sorry bout that simply forgot a comma, what i meant was you don't take damage from xion's attacks that are the nothing element so like in her second form when she shoots that spiral beam thing with the masters circle equipped you won't take damage when it hits you (tho it will still knock...
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    hmmm end of the world just had that "holy crap this is the end of the world feel" i mean i love the concept of the world that never was but when comparing it to the end of the world.... heh its like TWTNW doesn't even exist
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    Favorite mission mode character?

    i picked the king on the polls cause i loved using him with masters circle equipped, and yes his dodge roll was cute, hmmm i also like larxene since she's my fav org member and her limit break was soooo much fun to use
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    Master's Circle

    thats because the master circle only nullifies status effects, in other words if you get hit by fire you'll never get burn status and so on and so forth but you'll still get the damage, the only damage it completely nullifies is nothingness it isnt a waste of time as it makes one of the final...
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    Master's Circle

    ummmm just sooo you don't get biased opinions even tho I'm kinda late on this one, the masters circle is actually quite useful as someone mentioned earlier you don't get any negative status effects when hit by elemental attacks also as the element of nothingness has no status effect, you simply...
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    358/2 Days or TWEWY?

    TWEWY seriously i LOVE kingdom hearts but TWEWY was just epic days didn't compare to the fun i had playing TWEWY, tho the way things are going Birth by sleep may actually give it a run for it's money
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    Caution- A powerful Heartless is near!

    zipslasher wasn't that bad actually the only thing that made him hard was the fact that stupid marluxia kept getting hit by his aqua element drain attack... i'd painstakingly put damage on that bastard and FREAKING MARLUXIA HEALED HIM!!!! :angry:
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    Ansem SoD and Sora's Heartless

    wow never thought of it this way i like the theory a lot as that was a detail that kinda bothered me
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    Who played

    hmmm you asked about mickey? to unlock him you just need to beat every single mission then buy his item from the moogle, for sora you just beat every single mission 100% and buy "sora's awakening" from the store and yeah multiplayer rules fourtionately the gaming society at my college all went...
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    help with last xion battle

    hmmm another trick tho it requires a lot more effort is to continue playing multiplayer mode and earning the mission crowns when you get a certian # think its like 365 or something you can get Master crown from the moogle shop the ability of this is tow nullify elemental effects and the damage...
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    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    okay i think Marluxia is pretty cool, even tho i could barely pronounce his name before, i mean he isnt my favorite member but he does have some depth to him (for a nobody) and his actions/fighting style were amazing The only issue i have with him is HOW THE HECK WAS HE SOOOOOOO STRONG :53: i...
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    Saix's spot

    it's not really ironic is it? i mean days was made after KH2
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    [BBS]Dearly Beloved here

    wow that was epic yet beuatiful in the exact same moment
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    Xigbars unnecessary censoring

    i don't think its that people are making a big deal about it, but just that people are actually slightly upset by the fact that the governments treating us like babies there are somethings that are Unnecessary to the point of being insulting
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    master eraqus' armor

    heh i think the quote from jimnys journal might mean sora might one day have armor allowing him to master teh keyblade like that... but that just speculation as for master E yeah he'd look pretty awesome in full body armor