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    Clashing in Deep Dive

    I don't think that it would be Riku. If you notice, at the end of the clip, the Org weapon like blows up. Well, lets think. We have never seen this happen before, so it must mean that these are two weapons that we so far haven't seen collide. I don't think it is possible that it is Rikue...
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    what do you think the connection between cloud and seph. is?

    Also Seph.'s wing is feathers, those being angelic, and clouds is bat-like, suggeting it is demonic...thats right, i rule
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    Is the Organization still alive?

    Re: Organazation..lives? OK, about Marluxia, I think he should have his own special element called gay. He's a final boss and he uses flowers
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    We rarely see Riku but why is he so important?

    Re: Isn't it funny I think that Riku is gonna be good AND bad, I think he is going to try and kill everybody regardless of light, dark, or twilight!
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    twilight isn't a power, its a mix of powers!
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    How long does it take to complete everything in Kingdom Hearts?

    Re: I was wondering... I really have no life, and I'm proud and ashamed to say that I have done that in just 2 days. I didn't sleep and I went through 25 cups of coffee. It isn't good for trust me, it took me two months to get my sleeping schedule back and running properly!
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    KH2 Theme Song Possibility

    Just my opinion, simple and clean is and always will be the theme song *watch me go and be wrong*, its the only one that fits, and that song on the board way up where was WAY to mellow and kinda bored me.
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    Ansem and Riku's weapons

    Re: Ever notice Ansem and Riku's swords? wow, I wish I could come up with the kinda stuff! simply amazing
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    A Good Theory

    I don't think that there is a defined version of dark you and light you and twiligt you and whatever the other you could be. I say this because Riku started as the dark riku trying to be light, and realised that he could be both so he accepted the darkness to BECOME twilight. I think that they...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... OK! Looks like ive been gona while! I'm done argueing with .:KL:. about how right I am But, anyone who wants to add to my thoery or state there own with out calling me a dumbass go ahead. Note: as long as you have factual evidence behind what you say when you try to bring...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... First: I never said that the GEU was a human, i said he was the first living creature, if your going to call somebody dumb, don't BE dumb. Second:OOOOHHH a rock, and wait! Its a Heartless rock, I thought in order to be a heartless you would have had a heart to lose at some...
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    The Unknowns are Ansem's court theory

    Re: A new theory (yay first one o mine on this site) Actually, that makes A LOT of sense. Whoa, what if all the people in his court are completely heartless? What if instead of trying to find people who agreed with his completely bogus theories, he just made some and SAID he found them!
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... Kind of, it DOES say that there is darkness in everyones heart, but i dont think that that makes them a heartless. And Like you said, Ansem KINDA was a heartless, so it would make sense for his eyes only to glow a little!
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... Kind of, that could very well be too, but that isn't what im trying to say. I think that there is a possibilty that the GEU is no different from a Large Body or and other type of heartless made by ansem.
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... Well said! In some way, I don't think that Ansem created him, but I think that there is WAY to much evidence there to rule it out. Also, What about The glow in his eye? How would you explain that?
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... OK, so I made a minor mistake, he IS the first heartless you see in DD, but the second living thing, it shows Sora first. But by saying that the GEU is the first heartless you see does not mean that he is in the fight with the DWU, because he appears before you see that. You...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... In addition to my theory i think that Ansem may have possibly made the GEU, if you notice, all the heartless that Ansem made have the ensigna on them, not the natural ones. The natural ones include Shadows, Neo-Shadows, Darksides and so forth. Also, why would you go and...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... OK, not once did i say that the GEU was one of the heartless that the DWU is fighting in ASAS, I'm simply saying that the GEU is a heartless, end of story. And there is no way that the GEU is a replica of sora, that idea makes no sense anyway!
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... .:KL:., your an idiot. You just wasted 30 seconds of my life by posting that in this tread. Not only did you not provide any proof to prove me wrong but everything that you did offer had nothing to do with GEU, or kingdom hearts all together! Next time you try to contradict...
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    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    OK, I have searched the forums extensively looking to see if somebody has figured it out yet, but they haven't so I am going to expose my opinion on the GEU. The GEU (glowing eye unknown) is the first living thing that you see in Deep Dive. AND he is the first heartless you see in it also...