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    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    Lol Aqua is voiced by a model xD
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    I know others have already pointed this out, but really I don't think it's because SE like FF more than KH, if they liked it more you'd think they would give new content to FFXIII but instead they did it for BBS xD Also, that's the reason why both Dissidia and BBS have taken longer.... On...
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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    I actually made on of those myself ^^; Cuz I figured it might not be the best thing to ask plus I just got photoshop ^^;
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    Is the secret boss of BBS hard?

    It's not that cheap.....I would have beaten him on my first try instead of my like 30th if it was cheap.....
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    Why don't the characters age?

    Maybe you don't age in the realm of darkness.....we don't really know how time works there.....as for SRK...its been a year and they already had their massive growth spurts so they wouldnt change much....
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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    OHHHHHHHHHHH! I didn't know I could do that thanks :3
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    BBS Disney Villains?

    Some of them yeah, like the real villain like villains I guess.....while others were just pussies ^^; But I think their actual movie counterparts were too so it fits ^^;
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    Trinity Report Trophies? HELP

    Can someone elaborate on 3 and 8 please? I really don't get what 3 is saying so its all 4 scenarios in under 80 hours? And then 8 will I have to erase my Terra on standard and redo it? That is my only standard all the others are proud....
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    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Re: About Ultimania....(Update2)+cover Oh I wanna get it really bad :3 So where could we actually pre-order it on an english site?
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    Prize for Sentiment In BBS

    You don't actually do anything to get to worlds, you ride around and pick it like KH2 without gates
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    I have yet to find it as well -__- I heard its on the command board but I don't know which cuz I really wanna know too.....plus I think Ven and Aqua have one that you can only get like this too don't they?
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    Prize for Sentiment In BBS

    speaking of which how do you get the ultima weapon in this game?
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    Japanese Birth by Sleep Review

    Well yeah not mention getting all the ice cream ingredient (annoying as hell I might add xD) and the mirage arena and mini games in Disney Town :3 (not of that is spoiler-ish all info was from before the games released right? so it doesn't matter?) Also since then I have finally gotten to Aqua :3
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    Japanese Birth by Sleep Review

    My review: Its so epic I have already played 50 hours and have not even finished two storys xD I get sidetracked easily by everything xD Almost done with Ven though :3 One world left and then Aqua :D
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    BBS Theatre Mode?

    Yep they all are voiced :3
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    Famitsu Scans - Commands, Unversed, etc.

    Barely shows any of the Unversed xD And D- Links too ^^; I hope that isn't supposed to be Terra's cuz there are some missing and there is one that shouldn't be there ^^' But I will say no more than that ^^;
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    Coming Back

    This is where my sentiments lie, I don't think she willl to be honest........She is just memories.....
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    Where do you stand?

    MY feelings to the Organization is really no different but now I love Xi-Xi :3 I can't really vote though cuz I hate some members and like others......
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    Days summed up in a few seconds

    .....Make that alot more to it than that.......
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    I think them is everyone shown in the BBS secret ending ^^; Anyway I'm so happy :3 I sorta hope do NAmine and Xion stay where they are cuz that is sorta where they belong......but for one thing I still think Roxas IS Ven but he just doesn't have his memories and therefore doesn;t know he is...