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    If there's a trailer at the end of BBS...

    probaly hint to the letter in a bottle that sora got from mickey at the end of kh2
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    what did you most like about kh2

    yea the great maw cut scene and gameplay were epic cause in the cut scene it looked like sora was just going to war just think if all the keyblade masters killed over a billion heartless and nobodys lol
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    new keyblades and drives

    okay so we all know theres a bunch of nice powerfull keyblades out ther but if you could make a keyblade or combinde 2 or more keyblades what would they be? or, what would they look like? also new drive form ideas are welcome if somebody made a thread like this my bad then cause i havt been...
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    Ansem / Xehanort / Terra Theory

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    org. 13 weps earning

    but how did they require there special element', (i.e.): axel: fire xigbar: gravity in a way demyx: water ect. i know im off subject but maybe there weapons have to do with there elements
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    what did you most like about kh2

    i know alot of people are sharing what they thought about kh2, most of what im hearing is bad so lets bring the better side out, i wanna know what yall like about kh2 the most, if this thread has already been done then my bad but for now lets see what you thought was the best about kh2, and it...
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    everybody probaly already said this over a million times and i didnt take the time to quote anyone but bring the KH1 MP counter back cause personaly and i speak for alot of KH fans when i say this, and even tho it made the game harder than it was, but the fact that cure took all of your mp...
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    Ansem / Xehanort / Terra Theory

    i hear that! lol if anything then we need to know if sokai are gonna take the next step or wait longer
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    The Lost Two?

    or lost two are MX and the UNBIRTHS cause they havnt been mentioned in any past kh
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    Ansem / Xehanort / Terra Theory

    i remember him saying more like, cursed key..blade,
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    Axel & Saïx Question

    my guess just like anyone elses is that obiously one betrayed the other, and that most likely axel betrayed saix, because axel has a history of playing both sides of the organization, like a double agent
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    Birth By Sleep Meaning

    fuck that nomura! tell us everything! lol jk jk jk
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    Birth By Sleep Meaning

    i feel where your coming from lol my first day too plus i said almost the same thing you did and got chewed out like a motherfucker lol
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    who would win?

    sora, riku, mickey, roxas, terra, ven, aqua, DS, MX, who do you think would win out of all of them in a bad ass keyblade fight to the death? i gotta see who you think would win, honastly
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    Terra or DS? You DECIDE!

    Re: Terra or DS? You DECIDE!!!!!!! i agree with william the wise
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    The Lost Two?

    okay thats my mistake, true that lol
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    The Lost Two?

    what he said lol no comment actualy
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    Ansem / Xehanort / Terra Theory

    probaly in like mid or late 2010 depending the rate of birth by sleep or if they decide to make more spin offs like a spin off for mickey and what he was doing during the whole kh series like a main playable character well i was just saying the lost bros thing was a possibility, even if theres...
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    alright so, naruto + kh = piece of shit, lol but we all need new ideas for kh3 and yes as i have said before 99.9% of this shit has been talked about before, what hasnt? and now i ask you, what do you think needs to stay, what needs to go, and what needs to be brought to kh, any old any new...
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    naruto and kingdom hearts?

    we all know the topics get wacky and loopy, and im 99.9% positive this has been brought up, i need your own personal opinion on if naruto were to mix with kingdom hearts to me it would sound cool but lacks theory, but the hand signs and jutsu combind with swordplay and final fantasy would...