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    hes so hot! and hes really talented. hes kinda like BoA. he speaks korean, mandarin, japanese and english. hes kinda like chris brown . except chris brown is ugly(no offense). hes releasing an album in the u.s. in 2007. i can't wait! anyone else love him?
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    Why were you dissapointed?

    alot of ppl were saying that they were dissapointed by kh2. i would like to know why, because i thought it was awesome.
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    Hikari PlantiB remix

    does anyone know where i can download this song? i had it on mp3 player then i accidently deleted it & now im angry.
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    Justin Timberlake

    do u guys like his new song? i like it. its kool.
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    Roxas... Or Sora? Your decision

    none. i hate both of them. after kh2 i started to hate sora for some reason.
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    It would be kool if.................

    sora, riku & kairi were disney characters. :thumbsup:
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    The *I wish* thread

    idk know if this has been done b4. but if it has it can be deleted. this is thread of you what have liked to see in KH2. I wish if we saw more of riku..................
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    The Sims2

    does anyone have this game, the eps & still play it............ and do u have a sim page?
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    What the hell is Utada Hikaru saying?!

    are u guys ingnorant? hikki reversed some of the lyrics so the song can sound cooler.
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    Best voices

    riku & axel _____________________
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    Final Fantasy 7: AC

    i always cry at the end of this movie because it is soo happy....... i love this movie!
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    I love atlantica! but sora & ariel looked like they were in love.... gross.....
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    Mickey's Letter

    thats a funny letter lol!
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    Kingdom hearts 2 poster!

    someone said is it a cut-out. well no its not.
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    Riku's Kairi

    maybe nomura will make a girlfriend for riku in kh3.
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    Riku's Kairi

    riku is awesome!! and no hes not gay.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 poster!

    someone wanted to see the poster here it is resized:
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    Kingdom hearts 2 poster!

    no i got in the mail. it had high school musical on the cover.
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    Mixed people

    well i remember when i was younger this idiot girl asked why am i a different color than my mom & dad.... i was remembering it now i am sad. mixed people are always left out. and if ur mixed you know what i mean.
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    Kingdom hearts 2 poster!

    yea it is a bigggg poster.