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    Ven in the Poapu Tree

    Though I am sure that a number of other people have noticed this, I'm going to ask this anyway. In the new BBS trailer, has anybody else noticed that Ven is somehow embedded in the trunk of the Poapu Tree even though he's not there a decade later in KH1. I'm just curious, even though we won't...
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    Possible Ending

    I don't believe that Nomura would do the whole replica ordeal again, at least not in two straight games. I liked the idea in KHDays since it explains a lot of what happened to Roxas over the course of a year. And then there was Repliku in KHCoM, which was more or less used to try and overthrow...
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    Master Erauqs vs Master Xehanort

    I have an interesting question for bbs. Despite the secret ending with MX, who do you thing would win in a not holds bar fight between Master Erauqs and Master Xehanort? I'm kind of lenient towards Erauqs. It would be pretty good to see in the game at some point, particularly the end. Thoughts...
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    I mostly believe that Vanitas is the Xemnas/Xehanort that we know today. As Ansem the wise had stated in one of his reports in KH2 that Xehanort had amnesia when he was found in Hollow Bastion. Another point is that I remember reading that Nomura mentioned that Vanitas's face will be shown...
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    For me just the opening cutscene, this will pretty much keep me on the edge of my chair until the American version comes out. though hopefully it won't be too rediculously long until after it is released in Japan until we get it.
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    How you Pick who you play as in Bbs(Theory)

    I pretty much like how the difficulty has always been beginner, normal, proud, critical. This lets you start off at a decent setting and then once you get through the game you can challenge yourself in the other settings. Determining the difficulty by characters would make the game a bit harder...
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    So what do you think about riding keyblades?

    I kind of think that it would make an intersting way of traveling from one world to another. Though I have a feeling that there will be a huge downfall in using the keyblades as a form of transportation. One being that in one clip ven is knocked off of his keyblade rather easily from trying to...
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    Re: The Best Final Stage (MAJOR SPOILERS) I would have to vote for TWTNW. I found that a lot of things that happened in that world made a better ending than the others. For twilight town in days, made a bad ending world, though it was great place for the story in the end. Since in castle...
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    Roxas & Namine

    I understand. Even though then aren't officially couples, they might as well be considering how close they are to one another. As Riku pointed out to Xion that Sora cares a lot about Kairi. And in the end Kairi really wanted to see Sora in KH2.
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    Roxas & Namine

    I agree with a lot of people about Namine not really caring about Roxas. At first I had the idea that Roxas and Namine would have the type of relationship that Sora and Kairi had throughout the series. After playing through Days, at least to me, it seemed more like that role with Roxas was given...
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    A little theory: Aqua vs. Terra

    Though it was confirmed from Ansem the Wise that a set of reports were done by somebody else, it could have easily have been somebody else. Since around BBS, it could have been MX rather than the Xehanort we know now. If by some chance MX did falsely right the reports then that would make the...
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    One of the things that has been bothing me is the arugement about Terra being the Lingering Sentiment. I've been to some sites where others belive Terra is and others where they believe that Terra isn't the Lingering Sentiment. I am one of those who believe that Terra is the Lingering...
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    If any part of the kingdom hearts series should be on another console, in my opinion it should be the PS3. Much like the GOW collection this should keep gamers occupied until BBS or the next major installment takes place. If Sony/Square do decide to do this then it should include the remakes of...
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    Best Organization Members in CoM

    I have some ups and downs about vexen. Battlewise he is an awesome member to fight. Though in terms of being smart I would have to disagree, since he was the first member to be taken out in the game. Axel would be #1 since he was in the midst of everything, can stand his ground in battle, and...
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    Vanitas - My View

    I more or less agree with Insider Job about his guesses. Mostly because of how Terra asked MX "what have you done to his heart?!?!" I think that it was in reference to Ven, though this won't be revealed until the game comes out. Another guess of mine to go with this the most is how Ven asked...
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    My Theory about Vanitas and Xehanort

    Here are some of my guesses about Vanitas: 1. He could be darkness taking on a physcial form, much like with the heartless being darkness and taking on shape. 2. A possibility from Master Xehanort may be referring to Vanitas as a monster. Vanitas could be another replica created from MX...
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    MX's eyes in trailer

    Actually Ansem the Wise has his eye color changed when he went into darkness. If you notice in the trailer in KH2 when is talking to Mickey and Xehanort walks in, his eyes are black or dark brown. Yet when he is DiZ and takes off his mummy mask his eye color is the same as Xemnas and MX. The...
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    Possibly MX doing something to Ven's heart. Since in the scene he had a change of heart about using darkness, along with becoming a Keyblade master, and just want to protect his friends. Much like how Riku wanted to use the powers of darkness to become stronger, and then turned around to try and...
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    Aquas confusion

    Since we do have little to go on anything could have happened to Aqua. She could have given up her role as a keyblade apprentice/master after the events took place, or perhaps she may have died. Until information is slowly released until the game comes out anything is possible. Besides from the...
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    Terra's keybalde changed.

    Nomura probably just changed the colors to Terra's Keyblad, since that pretty much the difference that I see. He also did that with Aqua's and Ven's Keyblade's as well. If you go to kingdomhearts.wikia.com You can see a picture of Ven in his armor that has similar colors to Terra's armor when he...