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    Level System??

    I think they use a sora that is the same level so that they dont give off to much info about the game and to keep people like us guessing.
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    Mickey's Key Is Light; so not Sora????

    Maybe you need the key to the present befor you get the key to light........ or vice-virsa? Idk its just another idea.
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    Overdrive Meets Drivemode?

    Maybe sora's drive mode special is to fuse with donald.............. hmmmmmmmm
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    Two other worlds!!!,maybe

    I think it looks like a weapon too. its so obvious ><
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    question about attack cards!!!

    Also remember that the other two greatly affect how effective your deck is gonna be.
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    theory X

    Mayeb Diz is the physicaly weakest member but he is the mentally strongest of the team which is why he seems to be in control of them.
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    kh2 on ps3?

    I heard that PS3 wont be due out untill soring of 2006 and that all games(ps1 and ps2 ) are gonna work on the new system.
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    What You Think Of Sephiroth!!!

    Seperoth is the only boss that i realy had to level up to beat.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    I wont belive a word until i see a picture.
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    help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once you start going up the floors start replacing your low level cards with higher level cards that are more recent to the floor also make sure to keep the numbers of your cards very high.
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    Xaldin = New organization member.

    I wonder what role in the organization this new member will play(they all seem to do something different)
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    Diz ideas

    If he is i wounder what type of fighter he will me hmmh maybe a ninja!
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    Diz ideas

    How about his actions twoards the "main party"
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    Diz ideas

    Im sorta curious about what kinda role Diz is actually going to play in kh2 Maybe he'll be one of those people who just pop up here and there.
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    What new worlds would yoiu like to see in Kh2

    Also, do you think it would be possible to add in one of the worlds from FFIX i think fighting in burmucia would be awesome.
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    Sora,Donald and Goofy's Weapons

    I've only seen the default keyblade as well but i really hope they introduce a whole new set of keyblades(and keep some of the old ones as well)
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    who is BHK???

    Thank you all so much!
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    what was the most dramatic part of kh?

    The end when sora and kairi are seperated.............. but its the end isnt that supposed to be the most dramatic part?
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    who is BHK???

    Excuse my ignorance nut who is this BHK that everyone is always talking about???
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    Riku replica/ Blindfold.

    Maybe the person behind the origanal replica made more than one or something