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    A thought

    Okay, so I started reading things on this page yeasterday and I saw something about Sora's new teamates in KH3. Alright, the Sora/Riku/Kairi idea is fun. But really, where would Disney be likely to place Donald and Goofy? I think what made the compilation of Disney and Enix was because you had...
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    Your fastest completion time?

    Proud mode isn't even that hard. You just have to watch your back a little more thats all. Mine was on proud mode though..
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    Your fastest completion time?

    I beat mine in 30hrs and 58 mins but that after I got a 100%.
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    Final Form Training

    I didn't get my final form until I fought Xenmas the first time. I did on the other hand whoop him though.
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    Kh/2 thoughts

    Amen to all answers.
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    New Trailer Release!!! OMGROFLLOL

    This is a waste. It needs to be closed.
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    Conjure This

    Well, it makes me wonder about the summons. And why there are even Heartless attacking the worlds if they were already sealed. In one of the trailers I saw, it showed Genie talking to Aladin and Sora. But I've yet to see or hear anything about the summons at to how they work and such. I know...
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    Confusion? Plot Hole?

    Maybe he was tured back into a whole being. He was a Heartless until he and Kairi did that whole hugging thing. I guess what she did changed him back. Just a guess.
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    stupid theory on the Engentic Man

    That...would be a really really long shot. Just because it's like something else doesn' mean it is. Besides, that would seem really annoying. I think Nomura is more creative than that.
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    the nobodies

    Why the hell did you post three times and say a little more every time? Are you trying to get reported or kicked off? Cause this crap is one good way to do it.
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    Check this out

    Squarenix really hasn't said anything further than winter 2005. I'm hoping it'll come from nowhere and release when the Japan relese date is. But thats just a dream, right? Anyways, it'd better not be in April. Makes you wonder where Amazon and the others are getting their news.
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    Blue Feather Inn

    ( This RP is just for regular talk among your personal RP characters, allowing you and others to show off their personalities and differences. When entering please describe your char with a good enough detail that one can picture him/her in one's mind. Please, keep the cursing level low, and if...
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    bhk where ??

    I hope you can use him in those epic battles against armies of Heartless. That would be awesome. I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.
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    Malgneficent is back!!!!!!

    I remember her from the first game. It was really challenging, and made me rethink my low level in that part of the game. I must have run around that castle for hours leveling up, and trying to figure out a way to beat her. Yes, it was frustrating, but it was really fun. Now thats she's back...
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    The Plot Of Kh2

    Man, thats deep. But even still, as much as we all know, I'm sure there are even more things that will twist and turn the plot around in ways we've overseen or missed completely. I won't be satisfied until I see the game's story myself. But, I do like this. And, as far as I know, this could be...
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    Theory In A Dream

    Thanks, now I won't feel guilty if it does.
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    BHK name

    Lol. You know, I was just thinking about this is my psych class today. Isn't it Sora backwards, which is also funny since I thought of the same exact thing. Maybe, but it seems a bit too easy huh?
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    Theory In A Dream

    Yeah, my brothers thought it was a "cookie". I just hope This doesn't happen to KH2. I'll cut them open. <----- (This phrase proof of how much I love KH).
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    Theory In A Dream

    Of all the things I've heard today, this one seems to make more sense. But I havn't played KH since my little brothers chewed on it. By the way, I'm Seth. As you can tell I'm a bit new, so forgive me if I do something wrong and don't realize it. Nice to meet everyone.
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    Theory In A Dream

    Heh, you guys are funny. And kinda weird, but the good kind.