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    ______'s Battle Stance

    It reminds me of one of Serah's battle stances in FFXIII-2.
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    Possible Twist...

    I like this idea. Its much better than the Mysterious Figure being Ansem the Wise theories months ago. It could also lead to an explanation as to WHY Xehanort took Ansem's name.
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    A hole in Xehanorts plan

    I'm wondering how much more powerful can MX get? He was already crazy powerful in BBS, easily beating Aqua, Ven and Terra and only intentionally losing to Terra, he can remove the darkness from a heart and essenitally create a new being, he can split himself into two separate but joined in...
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    So, about that MX's Nobody...

    I'm wondering why MX came back as his old body instead of Apprentice Xehanort. Since the Xemnas seen in 3D is a past Xemnas, that would mean that terra's body is still missing or not shown. Unless its one of those reasons like MX's body in 3D IS terra's body but with only MX's heart so it...
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    A hole in Xehanorts plan

    It could also be a means to make the X-Blade more stable when it appears whole. Its suppose to be KH's counterpart, so you would assume it is very powerful. However, Aqua was able to break it with her Light Beam Sword of Friendship and cause it to become an incomplete form, thus freeing ven...
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    They never answered about Xemnas

    I think it always creates a stable time loop. Like, there was not a time where YMX in the past didn't have the urge to leave DI. however, this time travel aspect explains his heart's urge to leave.
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    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    Sora's voice sounds like he was recorded out of studio than the rest of them. And for some reason, I can NEVER pick up on Flynn's voice when I first hear it in a new game (Days, BBS, 3D). I;m always wondering 'Did they changed Axel's VA?!"
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    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    Instead of prison, it could have been 'refuge' used.
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    They never answered about Xemnas

    According to Nomura, the past cannot be changed at all. Its a single timeline. So while YMX can go in one of the directions of time, he can't alter anything that happened (so no instance of say going back to DI being destroyed and grabbing Kairi's heart before she gave it to Sora).
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    A hole in Xehanorts plan

    I wonder if MX assumes that if he makes the 13 Darkness like himself that if all the required hearts combine into the X-Blade that he will be the one who is still active and able to wield it. Or if his plan is to just create it and let keyblade war handle the rest. MX made it sound like none...
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    KH3D Ultimania Interviews + Famitsu Interview!

    Oh, that toooooootally won't get confusing in the least.
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    How *** Works

    Maybe they are taken at the point of when they are destroyed? Like, say for instance, the Ansem we see in 3D was taken at the point right when Ansem was nuked by the light in Kingdom Hearts in KHI. So him being in the future and being absorbed or however into the X-blade wouldn't ruin his past...
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    How *** Works

    If they can make time travel work in the story, that's great. However, I'd rather they never used it. MX making clones of himself using the replica program would have been a better idea to have multiple Xehanorts.
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    Based on Xehanort's plan...

    Some argue that was terra's motivation to save his friend but it got horribly corrupted by MX. Noble: 'I'm going to save ven!' Crazy: 'By blowing up the universe!' We don't know exactly why he's searching for that room, or how he even knows Ven is in there. Didn't Nomura say that 3D would...
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    Based on Xehanort's plan...

    You know, for something introduced back in KHII FM, I'm completely surprised that after all these games we still barely know anything about the Xemnas version of the room.
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    A few Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania Pictures

    Things take time. I'd rather have a properly translated interview that was done over time than a hastily done one that may have errors in it. Plus, people are doing a nice deed in translating. They don't need to do it.
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    What is...

    The irony is that people thought they heard something from MF at the start of the fight in BBS which just turned out to be sound effects combined with the music.
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    A few Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania Pictures

    I always thought it was strange how its never named, as if it would be a spoiler or something. or perhaps nomura doesn't care to name it. I think a nice name for it would be Dark Seeker.
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    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Could it be in the memoirs section where they give summaries of the other games?
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    KHII FM Secret Trailer Foreshadowing

    Plus, there is that 4 years after being created that we don't know what happened. Ven needed Sora as a heart support to survive. Who is to say that MX didn't do something similar with Vanitas?