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    Fanfiction ► Hollow Hearts (Version 3.0 Some KH2 Spoilers)

    Mmm. Lurved it. x3 Hollow ish a kewt baybeh. Blondes ftw, yesh?
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    Kh2 Is Officially a Good Game!

    Re: Kh2 Is Officially A Bad Game Or Good Game Yeah. xD Like Seifer's cheesy lines. "Undeniable proof that we totally own you lamers!" He makes the word 'loser' even more cliche.
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    Fanfiction ► Final Fantasy: Revival

    Good fic, Naruto. Longer chapters, plz? D:
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    Is choosing the dream rod meant to make you crap?

    Why are you all complaining about what YOU picked? Okay. You stink. :/ The Defense only drops down by ONE POINT. Not a big difference.
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    Xemnas boss fight...

    I hated the Xemnas battle where you have to dodge all of those lazers. >.o My thumb hurt like hell after I pressed 'x' three-thousand times. D: At first, I thought you were supposed to repeatedly press triangle, so that's why it hurt even worse. xD The part when you turned into Riku annoyed me...
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    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    You must be oblivious or something if you ask that. Srsli.
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    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    Knbrix, she did say that she wanted to meet him atleast once in Twilight Town. I'm just following that both of their wholes are in love, so they are too. >.o
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    Xemnas Or Xaldin ?

    Xaldin was easy, putting aside that Mickey had to save me three times, and I turned to Anti-form a few times as well....>> I got stuck on Xemnas when he shot those thousands of laser beams at you. >.o After a while, my thumb started to hurt from pressing 'x' to dodge them so many times, but I...
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    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    Whatchoo talkin' bout? D: Sanctuary reffered about Sora finding his way back home. Back to his 'Sanctuary', where he could be happy with his friends and fmaily again. And the lyrics 'where fears and lies melt away', i means he won't have to worry about fighting anymore, and can be at peace with...
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    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    I loved those songs at Atlantica. I have the first song stuck in my head now. Hehe. xD Sora said 'poopsies'. I gotta write that down. Ursula got all pissed, too. "wtf?! what happened to me poopsies!? nuuu!" I hate the beginning part of the game, though. << "They stole our _____!" WRONG THOUGHTS...
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    Favorite party member

    What about Simba? And Aladdin? They feel so left out now. ;-;
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    Favorite Form Poll

    ..I like Anti-form the best. I use up the Drives alot just to get it. xD And if you use the drives TOO often, you turn into Anti-form with three eyes, and you sort of look like Naruto in Kyuubi form....except....your all dark. >.o
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    Vivi doesn't talk, that sux!

    His voice is so kewt, though. x3
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    Fanfiction ► {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    Yeah, i'd like to see more soon! \(^^)/
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    I'm not going to school tomorrow, because my Dad is buying the game for me tomorrow morning. =P I'll spend the whole day wiggin' out on KH2.
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    Fanfiction ► Part II of the Fan Fic Awards!

    MRS.!! IT'S 'MRS.'!!! GoH is notta dude! >.o;;
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    Fanfiction ► Part II of the Fan Fic Awards!

    Right. The idiot even misspelled the title to his own.... Wait. What should we call it? I don't think scripts deserve the title of "Fan Fiction". We should call it......garbage. There. That suits it. =D
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    Sora vs Roxas pt2

    Roxas > Spikey-hair, clown-shoe Sora. =D