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  1. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► I'm considering religion.

    Researching religions is your best option then find one that you think suits you best. Really though you have to ask yourself first off: is there really a god? I mean ask yourself that, and then look over the religions and find which one gives you the answer to the question.
  2. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► Am I Wrong here?

    Destiny been awhile. Really this is common for protective parents. Really parents don't want to see us grow up sometimes because that means they have to let go little by little for us to do our own things. They feel like our love for them will drift away. Really All i can say is really talk to...
  3. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► Being Rejected by a Friend

    dude I am older than you and people were having sex young so not sure, but you must live in a moral area or something. Everything that is considered bad is being done younger and younger (ex. drugs, alcohol, and sex, and if you ask some rock and roll lol) Anyway really the only way I can see...
  4. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► Finding someone you barely know

    Yeah as already said persuading her now sounds stalkerish. I would say in my opinion there is no such thing as "love at first sight" mainly cause i don't believe in something like that. Really you need to remember if you have this feeling , which i will say is lust, again then act on it before...
  5. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► So there's like a bump on my thing.

    Just take a needle and see if you can pop it. Or go to your doctor and overcome the embarrassment and ask them what it could be. Anyway I think your around the age now where you would need to get a physical so yeah just knock to birds out with one stone. Worse comes to worse....well we won't go...
  6. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► I don't wanna wait~

    Is it me or has the last 3 pages just been Shadow and gramp anime scholar arguing about the way we treat cutters here>
  7. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► I don't wanna wait~

    Re: I don't want to You really do need help cause this is just stupidity. If it is your problem then explain it to someone and try to work it out. No one can help if they don't know what the problem that caused it is. If you think it can only be solved with talking to the people involved then...
  8. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► I don't wanna wait~

    Re: I don't want to Alright so if it isn't your problem why are you being depressed about it? Sounds to me you need help or you need to get over whatever happened. I mean come on you are cutting yourself. You cannot tell me that in your mind you think that is right. No one can help you with...
  9. blinkboy211

    NHL 09-10 Season

    Well I made baseball thread and the Football thread so might as well be the one to make my favorite sport's thread. Of course don't plan to see many people in here besides being retarded to bash the sport... So The hockey season kicked off last night and today they have the start of the games...
  10. blinkboy211

    Green or non Green

    So recently I have entered a group at school in my Consumer Behavior class and we are to compare well the consumer behavior for the product. So we are comparing "green" products to non-green products. If you don't know what a green product is it is a product that tends to be more environmentally...
  11. blinkboy211

    Sports ► 2009-10 NFL Season

    Alright so preseason is underway and the season is less than a month away. Of course the biggest splash so far this season has to be the Vick signing. Will the community accept him somewhat or will he deal with the constant abuse from fans even if he works to help the community? Overall I am...
  12. blinkboy211

    Old Time Movies

    So recently for school I been having to watch old films and then comment on them. I was just wanting to see if anyone on here seen any i had to watch or any I am going to need to watch. I mean some of these films are actually really good, but with today's special effects, and amount of action...
  13. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► How to leave a forum

    Well since others give stupid advice constantly... Just find another place that keeps you going to it constantly and makes you forget your old forum.
  14. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    Cognitive Dissonance is a post-purchase psychological tension or anxiety. Consumers often attempt to applaud themselves for making the right decision in order to alleviate it.
  15. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► I'M MISSING HAIR!

    Opps looked at the wrong name when saying age. Well wtf does a 13 year old worry about? I don't think there are high levels of stress you have to worry about so yeah sickness or genetic could be the idea. I don't know if you would be going bald so early in life, but I guess you never know then.
  16. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► I'M MISSING HAIR!

    If your under constant stress losing hair could happen. She is 17 so I would guess that questions about the future, and what she is doing after high school is starting to come up. Plus maybe dealing with tests and stuff. Otherwise you could lose hair from a sickness or something (not saying...
  17. blinkboy211

    07 Ghost

    Seen the first 2 episodes so far and rather impressed with everything. Though I did find it weird that in the entire 2nd episode the main character not once made an attempt to remove his shackles. I think has great potential and of course doesn't seem like it will be too long.
  18. blinkboy211

    Bo Burnham

    YouTube - boburnham's Channel The guy is hilarious. I can see him becoming bigger for the comedy world if he can keep coming up with songs. I mean he is like an enhanced version of Stephen Lynch. Also I can see him getting so much of the younger generation because he got his start on youtube...
  19. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► suicide, guy, azn, love, idk.

    You first. Don't give such useless advice. Anyway maybe you should take a look around you and see if you find a decent guy there. Looks don't make everything and it seems to me you two haven't really talked or anything so far as you know he may just be the wrong type of person for you.
  20. blinkboy211

    Help/Support ► suicide, guy, azn, love, idk.

    no.... The best thing to do is maybe find someone who knows him and maybe try to get a date together or just talking somehow. Because it is "love at first sight" the whole idea of the love could be complete BS. My suggestion would be just forget about him and try to move on. Unless you think...