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  1. EmperorPersuit

    Who do you think the mystery Org XIII member is?

    It's hard to say, but I think it's the 6th, because the MoM is gone. If he really is a Dandelion and come to the other world, he may be lingering around in the dream world. ^^
  2. EmperorPersuit

    Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover: Mysterious Cloaked Figure

    I think, it's only one person. ^^ He acts like Tobi from Naruto. xD
  3. EmperorPersuit

    All of this was decided - A selffullfilling future

    Movement through time has these rules: Young Xehanort is a time traveller getting his time travel power from Ansem who was time traveling to the past from the present as he was reduced to only a heart. Ansem can time travel, because he as Master Xehanort in BBS has thrown his body away...
  4. EmperorPersuit

    Foretelling the future - Eyes of the magician - The Cosmos Theory

    That's something I've found some hours ago. Let us think more about foretelling the future. There are six apprentices of one master and only five of them receive a tome of prophecy. But what is it? Is a book? Is it a power? Because of the secret scene of maleficent and pete talking about the...
  5. EmperorPersuit

    Who is Master Xehanort really?

    A man who is obsessed with the keyblade war. To reach his goal he plans the 13/7 act to recreate the war, recreate the X-blade and summon the true Kingdom Hearts. He wants to see what's beyond the keyblade war. He seeks answers. But was he always the old obsessed coot? When did his change of...