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  1. soranjaxx

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I'd love to see Halloween Town back but I would really like Sora to have some sort of vampiric abilities with his vampire form there. Just to give the world a new touch.
  2. soranjaxx

    Riku 2nd Battle in Hollow Bastion

    Thanks for the help I'll be sure to get to lvl 50 and attempt it, and I'll keep the tips on mind! :)
  3. soranjaxx

    Riku 2nd Battle in Hollow Bastion

    I'm having so much trouble fighting Riku for te 2nd time. I beat him when I was a lot younger and I'm pretty dissapointed that I can't beat him this time around. Any suggestions, maybe what abilities I should have or what level I need to beat him? Thanks! :)
  4. soranjaxx

    need a good christmass icon!

    I really want a cool Christmas icon that has to do with Kingdom Hearts, but I dont have anything fancy to edit pictures and stuff. Would someone be willing to make one for me? :)
  5. soranjaxx

    Which are you more excited for?

    I'm so excited to see all the extra stuff and the other limit form. I'm super excited to finally see my favorite game in the series in HD.
  6. soranjaxx

    So about this clip...

    I'm aware at one of the game shows there was a clip for KH3 shown or something and I just found this out. I'm confused was the clip the trailer for 2.5 had remix or was there actually a clip shown cause I've heard both stories...
  7. soranjaxx

    I must be used to seeing it, but...

    Re: I must be used to seeing it, but........ I was just think about the way he walks the other day when I was playing. His running looks normal but he walks like he has a stick up his butt ;)
  8. soranjaxx

    Malificent (or however you spell her name) Dragon

    It works twice then half the time it doesn't even hit her. And then I run out of Ethers
  9. soranjaxx

    Malificent (or however you spell her name) Dragon

    Does anyone have any useful tips for beating her as the dragon I equipped Cheer and used Tinkerbell and she helped for awhile but then once she's gone you can't use her again. I've heard your suppose to do something with Stop but when you cast it on her it lasts literally 5 seconds...help
  10. soranjaxx

    Donald and Goofy are ASSHOLES

    I do agree with you in some ways they do make you feel ditched. The way Donald just goes with the mission at least Goofy is conflicted. If Goofy didn't go back to Sora later on the two of them probably would've stayed with Riku.
  11. soranjaxx

    Hercules Cup- Cloud strategy

    I'm having some trouble with Cloud when you face him in the Hercules cup. I do really good at hitting him once I get some combos in but when he starts attacking straight ahead I end up getting killed. What's a good strategy to beat him. Are there any helpful abilities I should have equipped?
  12. soranjaxx

    Since when did Geppetto have a shop?

    I have been looking for those :0 I'm glad I started this thread ;)
  13. soranjaxx

    Since when did Geppetto have a shop?

    So I'm walking outside of the moogle shop and I see a building that says Geppetto on it. I went inside sure enough him an Pinocchio are in there because Leon helped them get the house. I was kinda confused considering a never remembered him getting a house, but then again I haven't played it for...
  14. soranjaxx

    Hallow Bastion- Book Shelves

    Thanks I finally found them! I overlooks a trinity mark that I didn't get
  15. soranjaxx

    Hallow Bastion- Book Shelves

    You know how you have to put the missing books back on the bookshelf? Well I can't seem to find A and N in the library are they somewhere in the castle or am I looking in the wrong places?
  16. soranjaxx

    Anti Sora in Neverland

    Ok I'll try doing that. Thanks!
  17. soranjaxx

    Anti Sora in Neverland

    I'm gonna sound like an idiot for this but what is "grinding" necessarily?
  18. soranjaxx

    Anti Sora in Neverland

    I'm lvl 34 should I be higher?
  19. soranjaxx

    Anti Sora in Neverland

    I'm having so much trouble with this guy it's crazy. I've tried healing myself constantly, moving around, and I've even tried to use Stop on him so I can get a few hits. It's difficult because every time he hits me it takes out tons of HP. How do you beat him? Is there certain party members I...
  20. soranjaxx

    Extra things in Wonderland

    I remember from the last time I played KH there was extra things to do in the wonderland bizarre room. But I can't remember what they all were, does anybody know what all there is to do? And how do you get the chests on top of the hedges in the queens courtyard? I've already found one from going...