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  1. Ventus ♡

    Who’s your favorite character from each trio?

    Destiny: Kairi. I used to hate her as a kid (because I had a crush on Sora lmao) but she's grown a lot on my and is my overall 2nd fav character in the franchise for years now. At some point, she was my absolute fav but that title's been taken by Ven now. She's just so cute and sweet, and I love...
  2. Ventus ♡

    Super Groupies launches new Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary collection!

    They're cute, though I wish they all had a bit more color. I preordered a couple Ven items though. I still regret forgetting to preorder any of the Kairi ones from the previous collab, so I just bit the bullet this time around.
  3. Ventus ♡

    The character that you hope to explore more of their story in the new Saga?

    Ven. I want him to remember and interact with people from his past, especially Marluxia.