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    play as

    A Neo Shadow most definentaly!
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    Gummi Ship what do youu think? :)

    YAY! new gummie ship crap! One time when i was flyin the gummie ship in KH1 1 did absablootly nithing and i wasnt hit whonce! that toltally sucks! I hope the gummie ship flight is hard! XP
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    I do a quick a review of KH1 and KHCoM, and I play Star Wars Battlefront 2 just to blow up those rebel scum, and Ratchet Deadlocked cause I like teh Lombax cause I dont know why!
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    Have you been Spoiled?

    I have to admit it i have given in to some spoilers but i refuse to see the secret ending! ^.^'
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    Favorite New World

    What do you think will be your favorite new KH world? Mines probable going to be Steamboat Willie or Lion King:D
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    KH Trivia!!!

    ok trivia time who is the unknown in the secret place before destiny islands disappeared into the darkness?:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Monstro: heartless help!

    if you keep running out of cards get a lot of cp and and put like 2-3 potions in your deck they will reload your attack cards really quickly:D:D:D
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    PS3 vs. Xbox360

    ok i would choose the ps3 because its gonna have a graphics engine 20x better than the xbox360:D :D :D
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    Light, Dark or Twilight?

    ok i would choose darkness cause ins so cool....................................:D
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    how do you reset your rpg profile?

    i despritly need my rpg prfile reset can i do that?:confused:
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    Favorite Halo vehicle

    mine is the ghost...:D the tank makes cpmbat to easy the banshi can't hold still so its hard to aim at people on the ground
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    Another FF Trivia!!!!!!!

    ok hear is some trivia for yu in FF9 where do you find ozma and how do you get it to fight yu?:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Create your own KH2 character

    name=Ethan Gender=male Age=14 Hair Color=dirty blonde eye color=light blue skin=slightly tan appearance=shaggy hair, black hoody, baggy jeans, gray shoes, 5 feet tall, and weighs 110 pounds alliance=darkness weapons=dual weilding oblivion and heart unlocker background=once was an...
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    Whats your favorite world?

    my favorite world is halloween town cause sora looks awesome:D :D :D
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    favorite halo 2 weapon

    ok my favorite halo 2 weapon is the energy sword
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    Ratchet & Clank vs. Jak & Daxter

    ok this is a poll on why is better and my vote is with Ratchet:D :D :D
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    Attention all RPG players join the advent children!!!

    This is a notice that all can join the advent children just PM me and i will donote 1 million gil so you can get a fresh start.:D :D :D and i don't care if your light dark twilight or whatever just PM me.
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    how did kairi lose her heart?

    i was playing kh and i noticed that it does't show you how kairi loses her heart
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    Favorite COM Sleight

    Ricoshai Raid-cloud+2 attack cards (^.^)
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    Favorivte Heartless From KH1

    the deathguise is the ship in the end of the game