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    Black hoods

    Well didnt riku get his from DiZ? You know since riku had met Diz and what not... and i think king Mickey got it from Diz too... dont really know.
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    I need help with the paradox cups! For example, I need help on the Cerberus Cup. That's the one that you drive right? Well yea, how do I get 1,300?
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    Titan cup 5000 points help!!!!

    well try locking on into any enemy and when you lock on do neverland on the enemy once you summon peter pan and everytime you hit the enemy they drop orbs. dont stop doing neverland and try to do it quick not slow. do that for every enemy and you should get enough... i got 6,223.
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    help... with paradox tournaments!

    ok you know those tournaments where it first says try in jiminy's journal it says try under the missions and then when you try it it says pass it with like 1000 or higher? well can you guess tell me what i have to do for all the paradox ones when it says to try to get the high score or something?
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    i too have a problem... i only have 5 orichalcums+ and last time i checked i did everything.. i even went to go complete starry hill and atlantica and i still dont get anything i checked all the chests to see to and still i only have 5. you dont use orichalcums+ on anything else besides the...
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    Help me!

    okay.. right now im trying to create the ultima weapon... now heres the question... where do you get those 13 orichalcum+? i only have two! please hellp me.
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    1000 heartless battle lol

    hey in the vid with no reaction command, how do you get that little fiery thing when you finish the combo?
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    where do you?

    where do you get wisdom form?
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    Poll:Do you have it yet?

    I got it today and I am so happy! YAY! thats the same thing i said when i was going to pick up my copy, but luckly there was no @$$ whoopin!
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    Can you help me?

    Okay... when you get ur first keyblade in the game... not the kingdom key the other one, can you switch them? if so how? because i dont want to use the regular old keyblade.
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    What was your game store conversation like?

    my coversation was with gamestop. Him: Thank you for calling Gamestop where you can buy and sell used games, this is (him) speaking, how can I help you? Me: Hi, I would like to know when you are going to start selling kingdom hearts 2? Him: Wednesday man. Me: Hey, if i reserved a copy of the...
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    i'll probably be playing devil may cry 3, xenosaga episode 1 and 2 and KhCoM!:D
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    Need help

    thanks alot. u guys really helped me. what do you mean street date... u mean the date that anybody can go pick it up?
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    Need help

    ok if u preorder the game... is it true that those 5 dollars u paid are deducted from what you have to pay for the game, and if u preordered it does that mean that I can go look for it on the 28 and every one else who didnt preorder has to look for it the 29? just asking because some else said...
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    KH2 Opening video Questions

    Well in the translations doesnt it say the future? For example: "Omoidaseba haruka haruka Mirai wa..." "Do you remember, long ago Our future..." It could be "the future" or "our future"?
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    I dont know if anybody else has done this and if so then ignore it or whatever. I know i may be the latest person ever to find this out but i recorded the my hearts a battleground part and reversed it and this is what it sounds like...
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    Where will you be?

    Well as soon as i get out of school im gonna go get it! YAY!
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    100% in KH 2!!! Its Awesome!!!

    Seriously it is scary LMAO... i was gonna say that before, but i was waiting until someone else said something about it.
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    Which Unknown do you think you are?

    I dont know it would have to be Marluxia or Vexen.
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    passion (english)

    Isn't the english version suppose to be called sanctuary rather than passion? I found it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utada_Hikaru read where it says future plans... you'll find it there.