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    [music] Nirvana +[Come As You Are]+

    "The Legacy of Kurt Cobain is that of a Legend" no one can deny his impact on the 90's movement. he was leader of an entire generation; generation x no one can deny his greatness; even if they don't like him. nevertheless; he lives on by his fans and his music. :] agreed? "Cobain is now...
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    [Music] MIA

    "British vocalist, record producer, songwriter/composer and visual artist. She is a Tamilian of Sri Lankan descent. Best known by her stage name, M.I.A., her work in music often features a range of elements of genres." -Wikipedia. Paper Planes is one of the best songs i've heard in a while...
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    Would you rather...

    be happy & poor or an unhappy billionaire. and nothing could change. [you have to stay poor but your life is perfect ] or [you have to stay unhappy but perpetually wealthy :3] :] I personally, would take the poor & happy way :x Just shows your priorities. huh? <3
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    [Music] Lords of Acid

    Belgian Acid. Female Singer. Controversial lyrics. Lame deceiving name. Can it be any better? haha. i heard them recently and fell in love. Anyone else? :3