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  1. Birthday Thunder

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    I heard somewhere that Olympus Colosseum was not going to be in this game, although that wouldn't make much sense seeing how it's in every one for tournaments and junk. And Jungle Book will most likely be in it. I mean seriously, are they really going to let all of the time they took making it...
  2. Birthday Thunder

    New KH 3D Scan

    Re: KH 3D Scan Same here, I hope that an interview shows up and explains why exactly Sora and Riku are somehow in KH1 attire. Oh and some info on a couple more new worlds wouldn't be bad either.
  3. Birthday Thunder

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    The title is catchy. I like it, and I really like how they finally aren't rehashing six or more of the same worlds again. Hunchback is only the beginning guys. Be prepared for alot more surprising worlds.
  4. Birthday Thunder

    Xehanort, Xemnas in 3D showing torment?

    Welcome to the confusion that is KH3D.....
  5. Birthday Thunder

    Who had problems with that annoying "Experiment 221"?

    I didn't really have trouble with him on proud mode. I think I was level 20. I even beat him on level 1 critical mode with the first keyblade and no deck commands either, but thats because I'm a huge nerd. I just learned his attack patterns and he was no problem. I mean, the battle was like, 25...
  6. Birthday Thunder

    Any idea if there is going to be a Strategy Guide?

    Obviously there is going to be a strategy guide forRe:Coded. Every other KH game in existence has had a strategy guide. Why would this game be different?
  7. Birthday Thunder

    Kingdom Hearts 3D being shown to the public in January!

    All I want is them to reveal that The Emperor's New groove will be a world in KH3D. It has to happen inevitably.
  8. Birthday Thunder

    Sora and Riku in KH1 form

    Everybody is probably getting worked up for nothing. Watch them be in their KH1 forms for a minigame in KH3D or something. Then the rest of the time we have older Sora and Riku. lol
  9. Birthday Thunder

    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    I wouldn't mind if Agrabah was seen again in KH3D, just please......PLEASE let us explore the sultan's palace and see new characters like Razul and the other guards. Maybe even the sultan himself. I mean, people have talked about him, but where has he been? Probably hiding in his palace from the...
  10. Birthday Thunder

    What songs were you expecting in Ice Cream Beat?

    I wanted the atlantica battle theme from KH1, but I already knew not to expect it.
  11. Birthday Thunder

    What did you like most about BbS?

    The fact that we finally got to see mount olympus. Hey, it was important to me okay? lol
  12. Birthday Thunder

    BBS Final Mix?

    I think, like so many others on this forum, that they should just release the FM content as a download on the PSN. But, it most likely wont happen. Doesn't hurt to hope right?
  13. Birthday Thunder

    What would Kingdom Hearts 3D Be About?

    ^^ This, I totally agree with. It pretty much explains everything.
  14. Birthday Thunder

    3DS... DATA SORA AGAIN... or Sora and Riku's MOM exam

    Like He said, I too doubt that theres any more that Nomura can milk out of data sora. His story is over. I'd be willing to bet money that 3D is going to be about the mark of mastery exam. But, thats just what I think. Could be a surprise.
  15. Birthday Thunder


    Can aqua obtain the warp command? I'm doing a level 1 critical mode run-through with her and I'm at the colosseum doing the match fighting. If she cannot obtain warp, is there a good strategy for her to clear all of the rounds within the time limit?
  16. Birthday Thunder

    Level 1

    I've attempted to beat Ventus' story on lvl 1 CM and I only got to the final battle before giving up. It was just too hard for me, but I had alot of fun playing it. I did the same with Aqua and only got to olympus colosseum. Need to finish that one.
  17. Birthday Thunder

    What's your favorite battle music?

    Dwarf Woodlands battle theme for me. I absolutely can't get enough of that song. Oh and "The Encounter" sounds alot better in this game than in KH2
  18. Birthday Thunder

    Lv. 1 Critical Mode Colosseum Help

    Nice, thanks, you've all been a big help. Better go get started on those warps. lol
  19. Birthday Thunder

    Lv. 1 Critical Mode Colosseum Help

    What exactly does warp do? And thank you, I will do that.
  20. Birthday Thunder

    Lv. 1 Critical Mode Colosseum Help

    So I'm playing as terra on level 1 critical mode, and I'm stuck at the olympus colosseum doing the fighting rounds. I'm completely fine until I get to the round with all of the boot unversed and my magnegas, ignites and other attacks just cant bring them down in time for me to get through this...