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    Fanfiction ► _-_-_-Tears of Joy -A FMA Story-_-_-_

    hold!I already know what a Mary-sue is!And mt little Riylee here isn't!I ca tell you that right now!She somewhat likes edward but edward dosen't like her!
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    Fanfiction ► _-_-_-Tears of Joy -A FMA Story-_-_-_

    Chp.2 (My Name Is Riylee Lenne Timaipay!) I told them about my past studdering on almost evey word.But...actualy...I never met someone who actualy listen to 'MY' past.they told me about their's.It was so sad.I can't understand something so bad would happen to a human being.And...for one time...
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    Fanfiction ► _-_-_-Tears of Joy -A FMA Story-_-_-_

    NO!STUPID COMP>!I'm so sorry!!My comp is messed up!
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    Fanfiction ► _-_-_-Tears of Joy -A FMA Story-_-_-_

    Oc Info Name: Riylee Timiapay Age: 15 Gender: Female Alchemist: Magic Alchemist Oppucation: Millitary and State Alchemist Apperance: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ Chp.1 (Beginings of a...
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    ~!~ Dylan and Cole Sprouse FC OMG ~!~

    OMG!!!Heart Throb Alert!!! And I found out that Dylan likes.....*drum role* ......Naruto.... I found and was like: "OMG!?!ARE YOU SERIOUSE!?!" lol that was funny! But anyways! JOIN AT FREE WILL!!!
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    Omg!!!flcl Fc!!!

    Everyone who loves this short but crazy anime show must join!!! Members: sora's_guardian= (S_G)or(Random) Sephy-kun= (Sephy) Riku's_girl<3= (Cio) Trace= (Ant)
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    Fave OrgXIII member's hair

    thats true a friends of mine was new and she kept on posting after her posts and got a wanning and her fourm shut down
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    Fave OrgXIII member's hair

    Thats a hard one....over demyx even though its a mulet I still luff Demyx him self....or Zexion and his skater boy hair.....hummmmm.....ZEXION!!!I luf skater boy hair!!!its just soOoOoOoOo cute! Edit: you can be banned for post to mant times after your own post....just as a heads up!XD
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    sora's_guardian's(which is me)friends FC!!!

    If you are one of meh friends... please join!!! I would really apriciate it!!! So if you are a friends of mine... or desier to be one, Please Join!!! Just as a warning... well if you don't know me, I'm very random!!! So tis shall be a random person and friends FC!!! Join before I have my ninja...
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    ~!~*~ The We Love FF And KH Cuties FC ~*~!~

    Welcome To The We Love FF And KH Cuties Fc!!! Welcome all you people whom join this FC!!! Why in the heck am I being polite?! I should be consetraiting on the FF and KH cuties! Ok,first of all I made this because I just watched FFXII:AC and right before that I beat KH2 for the millianth...
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    .:~ Sasuke Uchiha FC ~:.

    WELCOME TO THE SASUKE UCHICA FC!!! Don't know about you ppl but me luff da Sasuke! Me luff him berry much! Now me had to make a FC for him! And if you luff da Uchiha Sasuke.... then well you know! JOIN! Me no care who you are.... as long as you don't try to claim him for yourself! A...
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    Fanfiction ► Follow Your Dreams....no Follow Your Heart (Kingdom Hearts FanFic)

    ok this is my first Fanfic so don't make fun of me! ~*~OC PROFILE~*~ Name: Kaykoa hair color: light brown eye color: green but when fighting or when mad they turn red. info:when she was younger she lived in a town called Millo town.It was peaceful there untill the heartless raided it.When...
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    ~!*~ The Cotton Candy FanClub ~*!~

    I like cotton candy! You can tell since I made a faclub for the stuff! Almost everyone likes cotton candy! hehe thats the great thing about it! I made the fanclub for no reason......... But I still need some new friends and to talk! Soooo If You Like Cotton Candy Please Join...
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    FF7:AC Who Said That? Game

    Ok Ok this is a game that you have to guess who said the line.Like "DilyDaly ShilyShaly" well that one is eaisy but just post a line that is said in Advent Children!thats all have fun!:) ok first one is "where do I buy a phone?" i easy but it my fav line!
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    ~*~ Recon Mission:Star Racers ~*~

    The Star Races are coming up and There is many people who want to attend.Only six people will be capable enough to race in the nothingness of space.Its only two weeks away untill the six people are choosen for the race.They start at a base on the moon called 'Mixia'.Their destination is the...
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    ---The Fight Between Heaven And Hell---

    This is a story of the angels of Heaven fighting against the demons of Hell.The fight is over the world.If the Heavens were to win everything would be just the same.But if Hell would win outstanding madness will be unleashed into the world.It will never be the same.There are few choosen angels...
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    _.: Moonlight Paths :._ (an original rp)

    Story They say a Legend may come true sometimes. But this ledgen was born may ages ago by the moon its self. Te ledgend is that if you were to be under the moonllight of the full moon all of your wildest dreams will come true. sometimes they may come out perfectly as if it were a fantisy. But...
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    Fanfiction ► The Beging of Nothing: The Creation of Organization XIII

    ok Sephy.........................(25 thingy me hatez it!!)
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    Post Your Poem Thingy Mabober!!

    Well this was just at the top of my head out of bordomness!!!And well I decided to see if it would work......but all you do is post poems of any kind on here!!Thats why it nonsense!!!Well here is my first one: 3 roads lie infront of me.... One leading to darkness, The other to light.... The...