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  1. Ðari

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Guys. Here me out, what you didn't get up on the Hydra's back? We'd of been playing a totally different KH2 there on out.
  2. Ðari

    Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute

    Memory Fragment: Unexpected Casualties II [Jay/Jaz, Luxu, Iontis] Location: Cul-De-Sac; De District Overlook Time: 1PM Cul-De-Sac; Brief History There was something to be said about the Cul-De-Sac as a region. It existed in a similar position neighboring Twilight Town, Castle Oblivion, and...
  3. Ðari

    Dream On

    I got a pipe dream for you Ariel. A call back to that apartment thread you made: Sora wakes up realizing he's not in Kansas Destiny Islands anymore. Strelitzia (sp?) overnight becomes his room mate, he finds himself in something of an odd position hormonally as he was just shipped in the...
  4. Ðari

    Dream On

    My KH4 is no more hand holding. No more writing Sora to be a deranged and out-of-touch psychopath like they did in Chain of Memories, but a callback to that kind of awareness and focal point to his character being articulated to the audience in real time. What they did right with CoM is...
  5. Ðari

    Explain an Anime Badly~

    Ding ding ding ding ding! You got it. I just wanted to use that description because that was the reaction I got days ago from a friend lmao.
  6. Ðari

    Explain an Anime Badly~

    You recommend this anime to your friend, pilot episode, they react with this "WHAT THE HELL YOU GOT ME WATCHING!?!?" It aired October 2018, extremely controversial first episode. Any details directly describing it immediately give it away. Go.
  7. Ðari

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Can't Make You Change - JID ft. Ari Lennox Yeah, the entire second verse is a banger, my god.
  8. Ðari

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    Part of me wants to believe the writing for MX's departure was a product of the time. His send off was softer than...well, quite literally every variation of him in previous titles. Kairi's death, was more traumatizing and dramatic (probably one of the best moments in the final chapter imo)...
  9. Ðari

    Made an account years ago

    If your friend was from khv there's a good chance they're not active on these boards anymore. I did find one of those usernames you listed in Gatekeeper.
  10. Ðari

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Might as well drop a playlist, my pockets are deep as hell TGIF - K.Flay (Released 2022) You First - Paramore (Released 2023) Under The Sun - Dreamville, ft. J.Cole, Lute & DaBaby (Released 2019) Come A Little Closer - Cage The Elephant (Released 2013) Cannonball - Grouplove (Released 2016)
  11. Ðari

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    As of the time of this post 08.12.2023. Can confirm there isn't a stickied thread with General Forum rules/posting etiquette. Old FAQ was effectively replaced with the Help index located at the bottom of Forum List/Home. I'll partner with Staff to see that we can get a Forum Rules & Etiquette...
  12. Ðari

    Old as the hills

    I used to go by KHProdigy1/MasterofSinOblivion/<.Yondaime.>/Kissui Tensai/Hallelujah/iProd back when you were a mod. You almost never left the Intelligent and General Discussion section and occasionally dropped posts in the main KH section (inane that we have so many now). Your counterpart for...
  13. Ðari

    About the writing... (Fun discussion)

    As a general critique of the writing itself, you got that chief. Sadly in whichever lense you wish to view that scene, it's a lot more commonplace than you think it is. Naivete in young adults is pretty common, due to some fault of character, comprehension, common sense etc, an instance of...
  14. Ðari

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Lil bumperiono (Fight Song) - Eve Hiyori Ittai [(Melancholy) Piano/Violin Cover] - Michael Shingo Crawford
  15. Ðari

    About the afterlife for Kingdom Hearts... (theory)

    Non-Existence | Unreality It's almost weird seeing these two words as concepts side by side. Imagine playing a piece of media that is a work of fiction and within the work, we're essentially explaining all the words confined to that Multi-Verse are all canonical and deemed "non-fictional"...
  16. Ðari

    About Phill...(Fun Discussion)

    Mate, gotta redirect you here: https://www.khinsider.com/forums/index.php?threads/kh-shower-thoughts.222151/ But first a word from our sponsor /Closed
  17. Ðari

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    To be transparent, it'd be faster if we actually issued a warning and redirect them to either thread. (Disney/KH Shower thoughts). For the purpose of discretion, I strongly advise using the report tool so staff is alerted and we'll do what we gotta do from there. +Alternatively, move it to...
  18. Ðari

    About the afterlife for Kingdom Hearts... (theory)

    Sorry for this random question, but what does "DR" mean, i've been seeing that across a couple threads and I have absolutely no idea what that means.
  19. Ðari

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    I feel as though this fandom has a weird "punishment" fetish when it comes to the antag of the Dark Seeker Saga. /I'm not actually serious Cycle of rebirth is literally the bread and butter of the franchise, no one is exempt from this. Light. Dark. Just look at Maleficent for example. The...
  20. Ðari

    Which characters has the best Rivalry in your opinion?

    Topic has been necro-bumped. /Closing