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  1. nightmarezeroX9

    Lazy way of leveling up

    I prefer leveling up the hard way. Getting my ass kicked his worth it every once and a while.
  2. nightmarezeroX9

    Fallout series

    I didn't find a thread about the game series, but if somebody does manage to find one, then you can happily close this down. So as this thread dictates, this is a discussion of the Fallout game series. Anybody excited for New Vegas?
  3. nightmarezeroX9

    Fanfiction ► Fanfic- Keyblade Tournament

    We should dedicate a fanclub to the people that have tried to help him. Trying not to sound like a dick, but I'm sure plenty of people have.
  4. nightmarezeroX9

    Fanfiction ► Fanfic- Keyblade Tournament

    But- Wha?- Brian? Brianne...? I refuse to try to figure Bri's gender. So is anyone going to help him/her?
  5. nightmarezeroX9

    Birth By Sleep wins E3 Awards

    Go BBS! But I swear, Xehanort sounds like a doormat covered in cigaratte butts. As taken from a comment on Youtube.
  6. nightmarezeroX9

    Fanfiction ► Fanfic- Keyblade Tournament

    Wait, BriFTW is a her...? What...?
  7. nightmarezeroX9

    Fanfiction ► Fanfic- Keyblade Tournament

    Damn. This entire thread has been all flaming and trolling. Give the kid a break. Help Bri out.
  8. nightmarezeroX9

    How many of you are actually for Re:Coded?

    I don't know really, Coded doesn't strike me as an interesting game. I might buy it.
  9. nightmarezeroX9

    What Kind of Trailer Will They Show at E3?

    I'm actually gonna guess the TGS one, but in English. Or just a whole new trailer over all.
  10. nightmarezeroX9

    BBS Na/Pal version may be available on psn

    Yeah, there better be BBS on the f*cking PSN store. There have been quite a good bit of sales in the PSP Go. I also pray that an Ad Hoc (online I believe) feature will be put in BBS.
  11. nightmarezeroX9

    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    Terra, Ven, Aqua. Just because Nomura said that would give you a better understanding of the story. If it didn't matter, I would start with Ven, Aqua, then Terra.
  12. nightmarezeroX9


    Seeing as I have to wait until school starts and I can't waste my summer playing it, I'll probably either wait until school starts, or actually pre-order it. I'm broke. Plus, I doubt there will be any pre-order bonus.
  13. nightmarezeroX9

    I'm sad

    Knowing Square Enix, this is probably a one time battle system thing. Like Chain of Memories, even though the BBS system is based off of that. I've have yet to play BBS, but seeing how everyone is praising the battle system, I honestly cannot wait to try it out myself and see if it lives up to...
  14. nightmarezeroX9

    Remake of Memories, Hearts, and the Keyblade

    So, like I told some of the people in the old RP, I would make a remake. This is my first time making an RP, and I would like it if you guys threw some good ideas around.
  15. nightmarezeroX9

    BBS Japanese website update ..again. April 21th (Extra)

    Re: BBS Japanese website update (Extra, World) So I guess it's an official world now? I always thought the only time you were there was at the end of the game. And for the secret boss fight.
  16. nightmarezeroX9

    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    Sorry for being stupid. Never knew you had anything against stupid people. ANYWAY thanks for clearing that up. And nice comeback on rawpower. It was funny.
  17. nightmarezeroX9

    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    I have to say Ultima Weapon because they make you go through semi-hell to make it. It also has one of the best abilities in the game, and is more balanced. And also I like to use magic.
  18. nightmarezeroX9

    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    I'm a little worried here. Terra-Braig scene? We aren't implying gay sex or anything like that are we...? Hahaha... jiggly boobs. Can't wait to see what character that is. And I'm sure I saw in a trailer once Aqua's boobs jiggled oh so slighty. Just sayin...
  19. nightmarezeroX9

    Sephiroth - Tips?

    You can use Trinity on Sephy in KHII, but I personally think it is a cheap thing to do. What I did to beat Sephy in the beginning was to guard then counterguard his octaslash combo, then hit him and make your finisher combo Explosion. Does good damage. When you take down four and a half bars...
  20. nightmarezeroX9

    What level were you when you beat Xemnas?

    I beat him level 45-46 on Proud. I think...