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  1. pepe1092

    Rumor: Sora in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale as DLC CHARACTER

    Here the new Rumor: More details surface about Playstation All Star Battle Royale Only after a few days since the rumored additional characters and areas for Playstation All Star Battle Royale was leaked, more rumors and speculation has surfaced. Screwattack has received news from a...
  2. pepe1092

    Tetsuya Nomura Details Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Gameplay Systems

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance appeared in playable form at the Tokyo Game Show with hardly anything known about its core gameplay. Those who played it might have already figured out the basics, but just to be sure Tetsuya Nomura appeared on the rarely updated Kingdom Hearts official...
  3. pepe1092

    Another characters? photos inside

    I dont know read japanese. Here Source: http://twitter.com/#!/ArikaMiz/status/113477099137937410 and FF-Reunion
  4. pepe1092

    Timetable for the conference Sony x Square-Enix

    While the Tokyo Game Show taking bold steps (au18 September 15) announcing the absence of Final Fantasy Versus XIII awaited many fans disappointed. However, Square Enix does not seem to have forgotten since the last Sony will hold a joint conference! This will take place September 15...
  5. pepe1092

    Scan of Dengeki Playstation and Nomura Interview

    The only problem is that the image is small, we have to wait out the image bigger. The rest of the scans here: 最新号紹介 « 電撃PlayStation ONLINE Source: FF-Reunion and 最新号紹介 « 電撃PlayStation ONLINE
  6. pepe1092

    Japan Wants PSP Remasters of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy

    Capcom is kicking off Sony's PSP Remaster program with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Sony may want to consider targeting a different publisher for the next entry in the series. In a poll featured in this week's Famitsu, Square Enix's games topped the request list for PSP Remaster titles...
  7. pepe1092

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Scans from Famitsu Interview and KH3D Play Impression Here http://sqex.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/famitsu1175.png http://www.kh2.co.uk/images/games/kh-survey/famitsu1175-001.png http://www.kh2.co.uk/images/games/kh-survey/famitsu1175-002.png...
  8. pepe1092

    Cover of Re: Coded novel

    Here Source: SQUARE ENIX GAME BOOKS ONLINE |ƒLƒ“ƒOƒ_ƒ€ ƒn[ƒc Re:ƒR[ƒfƒbƒh
  9. pepe1092

    Square Enix is ​​interested in adaptations PSP Remaster

    Square Enix is ​​interested in adaptations PSP Remaster Although not yet decided anything. Yoshinori Kitase, Square Enix producer, said in the latest issue of Famitsu that the company is interested in line for PlayStation 3 PSP Remaster. PSP Remaster adapted PSP games to PlayStation 3 in...
  10. pepe1092

    KH Birth by Sleep Vol.3 To the Future Cover Book

    Here Source: SQUARE ENIX GAME BOOKS ONLINE | ƒLƒ“ƒOƒ_ƒ€ ƒn[ƒc@Birth by Sleep Vol.3 To the Future
  11. pepe1092

    Kingdom Hearts Project Cafe?

    ‘Project Café’ Leaked Games List Just as we thought rumours on Nintendo’s upcoming console were slowing down (Ha! Yeah right!), a list, of codenamed ‘Project Café’ or ‘Nintendo Feel’ has been leaked online on several gaming websites on the upcoming games that Nintendo are scheduled to show...
  12. pepe1092

    Square Enix register "SE Masterpieces" trademark in Europe (UPDATED)

    A user on Gaming Mega-Forum NeoGAF has uncovered a new European trademark filed by Square Enix for the name "SE Masterpieces" - a name that has been used in the past for a 'complete collection' of Kingdom Hearts games in Japan. The trademark for the name "SE Masterpieces" was filed on the...
  13. pepe1092

    What system Do you want kingdom hearts BBS V.2 on?

    I want on NGP, becuase by new graphics
  14. pepe1092

    Best Final Boss in KH series (SPOILERS)

    I do not know if someone has made a post about this. Well, my boss favorite is Terra-Xehanort Choose your favorite final boss.
  15. pepe1092

    YYEEESS!!!!!! Its a good game!

    I respect everyone's opinion, but the truth(for me) Re: coded isn´t a good game and also unnecessary in the history of the saga. The variety gameplay is very good idea as when you enter the digital world, but that came to annoy me. A step back to Kingdom Hearts Score: 6.0
  16. pepe1092

    Why nobody wants BBSv2 go to NGP?

    I have read the opinions of several people and I realized that many people do not want the BBSv2 rumored to be for NGP and expect it to be made to the 3DS and even for the PSP. I think the last game for PSP Square will be the FF Type 0, besides that Sony will want their ration of KH for the NGP...
  17. pepe1092

    KH series is one of the most anticipated games for the NGP(Japan)

    Japanese gamers, decided to buy PSP 2 / NGP Three out of four of the Famitsu readers want to buy. Japanese gamers have been captivated by the new PSP, codenamed NGP. According to a survey conducted by Famitsu magazine, the publication of the greatest tradition of the gaming world in Japan...
  18. pepe1092

    BBS is the best selling PSP game in 2010

    Keep in mind that NPD does not account for digital download sales, so sales of MGS and GOW can exceed sales of BBS
  19. pepe1092

    BBS is the best selling PSP game in 2010

    Source: Gamasutra - News - Exclusive: NPD Reveals 2010 U.S. New Game Charts Per Platform
  20. pepe1092

    New KH 3D Screens and Famitsu Article

    The article: wƒLƒ“ƒOƒ_ƒ€ ƒn[ƒc 3D [ƒhƒŠ[ƒ€ ƒhƒƒbƒv ƒfƒBƒXƒ^ƒ“ƒX]xÅVî•ñ\\ƒ\ƒ‰‚ƃŠƒN‚ªV‚½‚Ȑ¢ŠE‚Ö - ƒtƒ@ƒ~’Ê.com Source: http://www.famitsu.com