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  1. krystix

    Did Riku like Kairi?

    I think that Riku possible did have feelings for Kairi during KH1, but not in the sequels. However this attraction could be considered as another part of their friendly rivalry. Riku could have seen Kairi as another 'thing' to fight over with Sora, although he did not necessarily have actual...
  2. krystix

    Been a while...

    After years of lerking in the forums for..well...years i've finally come back on to actually discuss rather than overlook. Don't really know where to start except from here again, just to get settled back into the forums. :D
  3. krystix

    Nobody types

    thanks for agreeing with me, because if you think about it, when Roxas was going to fight Axel the assasin nobodys appeared before him + Axel was the Organizations assasin and so on...
  4. krystix

    Nobody types

    thanks for agreeing with me,
  5. krystix

    Nobody types

    Xemnas- Sorcerer Nobodys Xigbar-Snipers Nobodys Xaldin-Dragoon Nobodys Vexen-none or not yet known lexaeus-none or not yet known Zexion-none or not yet known Saix-berserker Nobodys Axel-Assasin Nobodys Demyx-Dancer Nobodys Luxord-Gambler Nobody Marluxia-none or not yet known Larxene-none or not...
  6. krystix

    Fanfiction ► heart , body....and soul?

    mabye thats the new enemy in the next KH but I highly doubt it.
  7. krystix

    new Nobody's

    I was thinking. Out of all the worlds there was only 13 high ranking nobody's. There must be more than 13 people in the worlds with strong hearts right?? sooo there could be another organization like Organization XIII because thats just strange if there isnt right?? :idea:
  8. krystix

    Did you use magic or summons at all?

    I just used cure and sometimes accidentally used the fire one. I really (for some reason) only used stitch once or twice and chicken little loads of times.I think its cos I was in a panick or something and I just cliked him,he wasn't much help, he just kinda stood there.:huh: