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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    if u were to pick the best looking games of all time i would say most of them are in ps3. .uncharted 2 .uncharted 3 .gran turismo 5 (literally looks better than the real thing) .killzone 2 .killzone 3 .last guardian .heavy rain .FF13 multiplatform and xbox worthy mentions- crysis 2...
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    Kingdom Hearts BbS IGN Reader's Choice Awards

    the irony is strong.....joke had potential to be funny though.
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    Are you really a Nobody?

    how is xemnas not special? the person he was made from had 2 hearts, possibly 3 (eraqus) what id like to know though is what defines the shape the nobody takes after if hes made from someone thats carrying more than one heart. probly not relevant, still curious.
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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    the wii is a big stretch, i remember playing cod on my ps3 then on my friends wii and i was like "wtf is this..." i understand that kingdom hearts (while colorful and pretty) has not been a graphical masterpiece like FF and such, besides kh1 of course which at the time it came out were very...
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    Will Sora be in the secret ending for FM? Will it be action based?

    i doubt sora will be involved besides maybe a cutscene, i also doubt aqua will be the playable character for it seeing as theres nto much she can do in the world of darknes, but if she is my personal guess would be is a showing of her meeting mickey or something. im guessing and hoping that...
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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    well according to the develepors from god of war they said it was very easy to do. mind they did this while still working on god of war 3 as well. im sure they'll be able to just fine if they decide to do it, of course it depends too on what they would put in it as well.
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    Who all wants BBS for the PS3?

    actually i was thinking more that nomura would release something for ps3 like HD remake like has been done for god of war and others. he said he was worried that the series had become too long and new ppl wouldnt be able to keep up so i would think that would be a decent choice. maybe have kh1...
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    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    nomura already said in an interview that xemnas was the first nobody, MX didnt create a nobody when he released his heart because he didnt become a heartless.
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    vanitas. how the..

    i agree with this, obviously the design was to throw us off, of course theres an explanation too. im saying instead of asking what does vanitas have in common with riku. what does riku have in common with vanitas, chronologically vanitas had the suit first. so like a few people have already...
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    Lets debate on the North American BBS Release date!!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 05/05/10 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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    Sooo What happens to the heart of...

    Xehanort= MX, terra, ME. can't really answer most of these questions, its just speculation for now. we could predict by the way xemnas acts around roxas and why he goes to see aquas armor so frequently that xemmnas is indeed terras nobody. you could say also that by the way xehanort (kh1...
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    [BBS SPOILERS] - How was Riku's Dark Suit connected to Vanitas? (TWO THEORIES)

    it would also kinda explain how sora and riku (ven-vanitas) were destined to fight each other i guess. remember nomura said after bbs we would see the rest of the game didnt happen by chance but it was fate.
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    [BBS SPOILERS] - How was Riku's Dark Suit connected to Vanitas? (TWO THEORIES)

    i think we shouldnt really look at the suit for similarities but for the type of person they both were. vanitas was pure darkness. dark riku let in all darkness at this time also, then again if you would think of it like that then terra would have had a dark suit also
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    BBS Ultimania Questions!

    yeah i was just gonna mention this, anyways the guardian, i want to know exactly what it is. we probably havent seen the last of him
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    BBS Ultimania Questions!

    the chamber of sleep is another good question. what is it for? its even more confusing now that we know aquas not dead and hes not talking to her spirit or something
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    who's still the biggest engima in the series?

    well i didnt mean they way they happened, just the way they are both holding anothers heart within their bodies.
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    BBS Ultimania Questions!

    even if it might not be locked. it would need a requirement to be found, i wouldnt think it would just be needed to be a keyblade weilder. she wanted to protect ven and that included protecting him from mx. i doubt anyone can just walk around there and stumble upon it
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    who's still the biggest engima in the series?

    same way vens went into soras. there was alot of emotion at the time of his death, u could tell they both cared for each other. terra most likely accepted eraqus heart out care for his master and guilt
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    who's still the biggest engima in the series?

    its possible, the armor might serve the purpose of a body in this case.
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    who's still the biggest engima in the series?

    3 hearts. mx, terra, eraqus. i dont think the sentiments are soul or hearts. just think of them as what they're called. they're sentiments