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    Organization Data Battle Videos

    thanks dogen. they look so awesome.
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    xemnas and xehanort, somthing dosent make sense

    ^ anythings possible. right now were at that time where alot of theories are being created. (this actually reminds me of last april when we were constanly debating on the first secret video)
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    Fanfiction ► Gears Of War - Factory Of Death

    ^i agree. great fanfic. the first one in a while that i liked and commented on. looking foward to next chapter!
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    R&C: size matters

    not sure if this was posted before but has anyone else played it yet? i just got it today. it seems to stay true to the previous games (excluding rachet deadlocked which was completly different from the others) im glad clank is back as a playable character.
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    new season of 24

    did anyone watch it? i thought it was pretty good. the ending of the second episode realy made me wish i could see the third and fourth right then and there
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    [Project Nova] Assignment 1

    ok. well i guess its time for our first assignment. since there is a big holiday in the US that some celebrate, and some dont, i figure we could let the members choose. option 1: make a tag that is a symbol of thanksgiving. so that includes movies that are about thanksgiving (random ex. of the...
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    english verson

    well he didnt origianly plan to make it i guess.
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    english verson

    well nomura said he has been debating so there is a chance but as chaywa said its not very likely
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    bow and arrow is what i think it is right now. seems right to me.
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    Help/Support ► She'll be as good as new

    yeah...i have a close friend who cuts and it helps alot just to talk to her. talking to someone makes all the difference.
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    itunes help

    ok. i normally use my dad's laptop for my ipod and itunes, but my dad stopped letting me use his laptop and now i have to use my normal comp. but when i plug my ipod into the comp it says it is connected to another tunes and it will replace the library. if i let it do that will it delete all the...
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    Help/Support ► Earring

    those are good reasons. do you have good grades? i use that one for many similar reasons to this. maybe tell them about academic things you've done of late...
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    ^ which is why more people will celebrate Re:CoM's release more than the birthday of the release of CoM lol
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    Marluxia Battle...

    marluxia on mech. it wasnt taht he was harder (copy IMO was pretty much all around harder) but it was the length that got to me.
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    Marluxia Battle...

    my hands got sweaty b/c thats what happens to my hands when i play my GBA alot. that was the reason i lost to him so many times. i think it will be alot easeisr just becaose of the change of controlers and controls no longer being confined to 2 small buttons.
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    Marluxia Battle...

    it'll be different since we only had a small handheld against now playing it with a controller built to be held inthe hand more accuratly and how there will be action commands. i look foward to it.
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    a mirror or a staff make sense as well. they fit with his element. but ive got my $ on some kind of blade.
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    saturday night live. i watched it last night and i think it was realy good. hughlaurie hosted and Borat from the movie of the same name. i was a little dissapointed that they barly did anything about House.
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    they kinda have to, we only met zexion and lexous in R/R so how would they redot hat???
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    chains could make sense since he was in chain of memories...