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    new (according to gamekyo) 358/2 days pics!!!

    found it this morning, we've seen most of them though...:D! credit to gamekyo and famitsu! Gamekyo : Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: new images
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    Yet another Terra = KH2 Xehanort speculation

    all these threads are really confusing me..:* i have a question though.. if Terra SUPPOSEDLY became xehonort then how do you explain the kh2 fm terra battle? i'm pretty damn sure it wasn't a heartless. i'm not saying your wrong. i'm just saying it's becoming confusing
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    i may be like all the others, but here's my theory on Xion

    Now let me begin by saying this is my first post. Expect things to get confusing. anyways, my theory is that i think xion came into existence when sora stabbed himself with riku/ansem's keyblade while in hollow bastion. I'm sure you will all think that this is a load of bull and tell me that's...