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    Help/Support ► Apology to all women

    oh I remeber that comment you posted it in the thread I made about white chicks ahhh brings back memories..... uhhh anyway kudos to u for apologizing hope this improves ur image!
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    Help/Support ► White Chicks

    Hi im a 14 yr old black teen with an obcession for rock music. I was wondereing if any one could give me any advice or tips for attracting white girls. I just have a craving for them (dont ask y I just do). No racist comments plz thanks.:thumbsup:
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    Help/Support ► Your friends' girlfriend?

    wow this same thing happened 2 me. its a good thing that u didnt let ur emotions get the best of u thats the same thing that happened to me...... just wait out the storm i guess
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    Help/Support ► There's a problem and help is needed...

    I know how you feel I am a cat person too. It`s not ur mom you need to convince it `s your dad. I think u should confront him about why he would be so upset over a kitten. I know it may seem scary but if you love this kitten as much as I think u do you will.
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    Help/Support ► KH Corruption

    thnx for all the great advice even though im still the same with this advice ill get over it
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    Help/Support ► I have a problem D:

    There is a guy like u at every1`s school but the truth is they r just jealous and 2 prove ur not gay go out with the hottest girl ur friends with and then rub it in their faces
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    Help/Support ► Japanese School?

    If u r really committed 2 it then go 4 it but if not stay at ur regular school
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    Help/Support ► What do i do? TT.TT

    Remember this quote : Men who usually attract many women do so because they cant handle one. If I were u i would 4get about the guy if he goes out with alot of girls he will eventually go out will of them and have noone left.
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    Help/Support ► Stupid Girl and Kid Upstairs

    If talking to the kid and lady doesnt work try glueing eggcartons to your ceiling(seriously it works) it should help keep the noise down.
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    Help/Support ► what happens when you are like me?

    This is so deep and with me being emo i can`t stop reading this
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    Help/Support ► This is pretty pathetic, but...

    even though i have no heart ill still consult u
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    Help/Support ► KH Corruption

    I seriously need help figuring this out. Im a 13 yr old with a problem. I think that playing KH has corrupted my mind. Sometimes it`s like i decide to be in a "dark' mood where im mean to everyone. Or i could just go around being completely insensitve to everything not caring who or what I hurt...
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    (BLEACH) Hitsugaya or Ichigo

    Do u think that ichigo could take over hitsugaya`s rank as captain or not. Ichigo and Hitsugaya are my top 2 fav chars but i would have 2 go with ichigo on this one wat do you think?
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    New Keyblade

    Has anyone gotten that new keyblade in KH2FM+? If u have what does it do?
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    KH3 Theory

    I was just thinking wat if the secret movie was actually a flashback? Im borrowing from another theory that the ES is xehanort and he flashbacked to when he got beat b4 when he charged forward. Maybe thats what normura meant when he said that the trailer is in the past and future:confused:
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    Enigmatic Soldier Questions

    hi will sum1 plz post a vid of them fighting and defeating the ES and what is the item u get when u beat him? thnks
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    I think that mickey some how went into a altenate reality through kingdom hearts and went back there to stop that old dude(xehanort?)