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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    well its in english so tht ll be awesome, but the very idea of them adding all the stuff they couldnt fit is AMAZING, goodbye to my social life that i was starting to care bout again
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    Secret ending, plz don't get mad at me..

    yo that's exactly what i thought of when i saw that video
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    when driving....

    no you get wisdom if you keep the rod at the start and you get valor/brave if you keep the sword
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    is it jus me, or is it alittle obsessive how we all having these KH3 theories when we aint even got KH2,
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    wtf being black gotta do with it? im black i pre ordered mine, most black parents dont budge but i still dnt c wwht tht gotta do w/ nuttin
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    Okay, although they gave us a date and stuff, im still upset because they(SE0 havent changed the US KH2 website since november, im i the only person annoyed by this?
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    wow ur parents got issues
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    * GOOD SPOILER * Sec Ending.. its new. For me

    how does your friend know that's the truth
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    Secret Movie

    OK before i watch the KH2 secret movie, i want to know if there are any KH2 spoilers in it
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    About Roxas' English Voice... ^^;

    i think jesse as roxas is the gayest thing ever
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    Does anyone know how many hours KH2 will take up of my life?

    helluva lot more than what anger said, cuz it takes at least 8 each world, so at least 200 or so
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    Release Date

    Ok the main site, i think, confirmed that the release date is march, but that's only bout a month away, im starting to question that, have any of you guys noticed that the NA site has not been updated since november? that's really starting to bother me
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    march is official
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    Re: KH2 realese date + scans of proof what you got your balls tied in a knot for? its been released by square that it'll hav a march release
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    A Mystery Drive Form...(Sort of a spoiler....not really)

    well i can translat most of it - Sora porte un costume Vert/Sora wears a green costume - Associé : Mickey/associate:Mickey - Symbole : Tête de Mickey (symbole de Disney)/Symbol:Head of Mickey(disney symbol) Avantages/advantages La vitesse a augmenté, les Keyblades utilisées sont celle de Sora...
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    BHK Gets Drafted?

    hmmm that makes a lot of sense
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    Intro Movie

    i think the true meaning of it being different was that it was going to be true CGanimation because he has the guys who worked on Advent Children working on it, i think that's what he meant
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    Okay, well they didnt have Rikku in KH1 for some reason. Probably too confusing between Riku and Rikku. But now that they don't hav Riku in any of the trailers this means that he is definitely a KEY character. soooo it might get a little confusing in the dialogue, But my point is, this is...
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    Star Wars?

    it would be cool but i wouldnt like it that would get too complicated, cuz like star wars has a million worlds and whatevcer.... yeah .... my point is there would be too much stuff