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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III: Sora's Goodbye

    awesome! thats the only i can use. keep it up, can't wait till chapter 9 :D
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts III: Sora's Goodbye

    this is really good! i can't wait till chapter 7:)
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    Fanfiction ► Destiny: The human Kingdom Hearts

    this is really good fire's fan! cant wait to read more! =D
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    did anybody

    it was not a let down to me. i loved kh2.....ok it wasn't a perfect game but nothings perfect
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    Secret Ending WITH Sound!

    we r finally geting back to soras story(although i have no idea what they r saying) its about time how many games do they have to do with sora NOT being the main character. bring back sora!!!
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    ok did anyone see what i saw. sora and kairi at the very end of that. makes me wonder. hmmm. i cant wait till the NA version comes out. btw most awesome intro ever!!!!!!!!!!
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    when does bbs come out in the US

    ok so does anybody when bbs comes out in the US? has Nomura even said anything about when bbs coming out in the US. If this has already been posted somewhere else on here i am sorry.
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    The First Day ..

    he was happy when going to the usual spot but maybe when he got there he found out that they weren't going to the beach and that made him sad. thats all i can think of.
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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    awesome pics to bad i dont have a psp. oh well
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    Roxas vs. Sora

    thank you stacyadams! someone finally gets it !
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    Roxas vs. Sora

    sora because he may act silly but he knows very well whats going on and he would do anything for his friends:) dont get me wrong i like roxas to but i like sora more:)
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    why are they running??

    i think it means that ven grew up with darkness in his life and is suppost to in light and terra grew up with light in his life and is suppost fall into darkness thats all i can think of
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    Nomura says there were secret scenes in the trailer

    Nomura wouldn't put the secret ending in the trailer. just another thing to wait on till bbs comes out(darn) oh well
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    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    most awesome trailer ever!!!!! i cant wait till bbs comes out :)
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    Who feels like some things are just wrong...

    dude ok bbs hasn't even come out yet and u r bashing it wow i say wait till bbs comes out then u can tell if u like it or not
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    Roxas could be Ven

    sora can use the keyblade cause he has the strongest heart remember what ansem said to riku in kh1
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    Will Sora and Kairi ever date!

    ok so i saw this on a another kh site/group and i thought i would bring it here. So do you think that Sora and Kairi will ever date. I think they might but that just me.
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    A Xion Connected to BBS Theory, Also a Secret Enemy/Ally.

    hmm your theory kinda makes sence but in a way it doesn't its kinda one of those things that we wont know till bbs comes out
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    BBS Secret Movie

    i want KH3 so bad i wish they would make a lot of them like FF that would be nice:)