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    Help/Support ► Should I be here?

    no one here is going to validate your victim complex so stop trying to make us chase you out with torches and pitchforks people have repeatedly given you advice to make things easier on yourself in this forum, and you have ignored every single one of them in favor of pursuing a persecution...
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    Help/Support ► Should I be here?

    read the reply you get. wait ten minutes and come back. read it again. rinse and repeat. if it still sounds hostile, then sure, there may be a possibility that it is, but keep in mind to give the person the benefit of the doubt that they're not out to attack you. by reading something and jumping...
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    Help/Support ► Should I be here?

    holy shit dude you really need to stop victimizing yourself/overreacting have you ever insinuated that someone should kill themselves? or sent harassing messages to anyone? maybe posted a series of gore pictures? no, you disagreed with someone in the kingdom hearts section. that is not as huge...
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    hi bigger: http://i.imgur.com/YCzLf.jpg
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    Help/Support ► Getting stalked by a stranger?

    The thing that a few people in here are forgetting is that he hasn't actually done anything wrong, at least in the sense of the law. To my understanding, he hasn't called you yet, nor have you seen him skulking around? Until he does something, she can't call the cops or threaten him. If she...
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    Help/Support ► Getting stalked by a stranger?

    Wait, why did you give him your number? You sound like you were very apprehensive and suspicious about this guy, so why did you give him your number to begin with?
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    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    What you need to do is talk about this with your mom. Tell her that you didn't want the puppy, and for her to bring home a new puppy when you're already swamped with so many other things is irresponsible and unfair. Don't blame the puppy, and don't have those kind of thoughts towards it, because...
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    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    If you really feel that strongly, why don't you go talk to your mom about it instead of blaming the puppy? I know what it's like to have a lot of pets, with three dogs and two cats, but just because I got frustrated with the fact that there's so many of them doesn't make it right to hit them...
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    Help/Support ► I feel invisible.

    I want to tell you to put more value into yourself. You mention that you're considering to only speak when you're spoken to, and your second to last sentence about this thread getting few to none replies. Value yourself and your feelings more. Don't actively let yourself be 'just there'. You...
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    So I drew a flower in art. I think it looks pretty balls.
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    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    I need help with chemistry. My problem says if a person expends 2000 kJ of energy each day, and every mole of ATP hydrolyzed to ADP releases 30.5 kJ, how many kilograms of ATP are consumed during this time period? (with the molar mass of ATP being 507.2 g) Would I do a conversion factor? And...
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    Help/Support ► I feel like giving up

    When it comes to school, all you have to do is just suck it up. There's a bunch of pointless classes that are completely unnecessary for what you want to do later in life, but if you suck it up and just get through it, then you'll get to do what you want that much faster instead of having to...
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    Help/Support ► My Cats

    my cats are pretty good-natured most of the time, but they'll have a fight if one of them startles the other it's nothing too serious
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    Help/Support ► My Cats

    question: have your cats been spayed/neutered? the boy cat could've been trying to get some and the girl cat didn't appreciate it or they just had a fight, pets do that sometimes it's nothing to worry about
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    Help/Support ► Anxiety (ways to deal with it)

    Over this past year, I have become increasingly anxious. I'm constantly skittish and worrying about every possible thing. While a little anxiety's supposed to be good for everyone, I get physically ill whenever I start having an anxiety fit. I get shaky all over, which is normal I think, but I...
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    Help/Support ► Loneliness

    You're definitely not alone. Add me to the list of people who feel like this. insert baw It sucks not really knowing who counts as a friend, but, well. I'm going to try and change that this year. And you should too. Remember, all relationships, even friendships, are a two-way street. If...
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    Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

    Re: The ORG i translated french things on babelfish so if they're confusing/wrong as fuck, blame me not joe, okay? :3
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    Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

    Re: The ORG /typo :3 but yes great chapter <3 when's the next one
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    Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

    Re: The ORG creepy brainwashing xeyla is creepy :B otherwise cool chapter i guess
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    Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

    Re: The ORG MAYBE i mean no