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    Help/Support ► Flash Drive Problems

    corrupted flash drive probably one of the thingys from the inside of the flash drive ripped when they pulled it out you have to buy a new one xD
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    Help/Support ► Help with a new girl

    foo DONT BE SCARED TO MESS THINGS UP XD yh seriously brah dont be scared to mess things up with the girl because the more scared you are of messing things up the more its likely goanna happen :Pjust be yourself like you would to any other girl you would ask out i mean if you got her number the...
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    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    drop out of college and take a trip around the world but in all seriousness you have a passion dont you?well follow that passion and make that your goal xDdont just work in a subway store or open up your own store cause 50$ your gonna end up killing yourself =/(unless thats your passion to work...
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    Help/Support ► Unable to let go of anger toward mother and oldest sister

    i think what your therapist means that you need to let your hatred towars your mother and older sister to rest because im preety sure all that hatred cant be good for you and you cant continue dwelling on the past and you have to coninue on with your life and let what happened in the past be i...
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    Help/Support ► Fighting problems

    if your really 20 talk to the parents about it just grab him and take make him take you to his mom or dad and tell them xD if not you could try having a younger friend younger than 18 beat the fuck out of himxD i hate kids like that so fucking annoying xD
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    Help/Support ► Software Recs

    how about add a video converter gallery and videos downloaders xD best video converter for me is any video converter usally has the formats i need it to convert and best downloder for me is netvideo hunter it downloads you tube videos very fast and better quality then youtube downloader would...
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    Lucid dreams

    So ive been trying to lucid dream know for a week xD haven't still been able to accomplish it though :frown: and i was wondering if any of you guys have ever lucid dreamed before?btw for those of you who dont know what that is its just when you realize your dreaming and you can do whatever the...
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    happy 420 :D

    xD happy 420 guys you know what today is dont you!?!?!!??! xD just made this thread because i didnt see any other threads on it today :D
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    Help/Support ► Startup Programs?

    well you can use task manager to close all unnecessary programs that are running in the background that helps speed up your computer hopes that answers your question xD
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    Help/Support ► Computer is screwed, trying to reinstall windows..can't.

    do a system restore just like luap911 said thats what i do when i get a virus i do a factory restore(something like that)which restore your computer completely
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    Help/Support ► Living with Depression

    just like those 2 said consult with a doctor because if its been going on scince you were 13 sometimes not right did anything bad happen to you since you were 13?
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    KH2FM English Patch being worked on

    maybe you just didnt burn it right xDare you sure you just burned the iso file and yes swap magic is used to play back up copies of a game or a foreign game
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    KH2FM English Patch being worked on

    dont even try the patch it freezes to much once you open the menu and close it it freezes you start a new level it freezes you get a new item it freezes so dont even bother with it
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    Do you forgive him?

    THE POWER OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats how he was forgivin by most of the people here and in kingdom hearts............
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    Is stuff inside a lava lamp dangerours?

    So before you guys start saying look it up yourself i already did and i couldn't find out what i was exactly looking for and since most of you guys are pretty smart id figure you guys might know?Anyways today i accidentally broke my lava lamp and the glass and water straight out went flying...
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    Terra's Story-Something I don't understand

    no he took her heart.....
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    Something interesting about KH3D and...

    grea great find bro im goanna read it :D
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    Command Board

    i straight out hated it made me so mad im about win then bam they come back and beat me >:/played it so many times only one like one game
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    Was a patch for Kingdom Hearts AND 2 Final Mix ever released?

    i dont know about the first final mix but there is a english patch for kh2 ifinal mix if thats what your asking.and if i were you i would use it it freezes when you open the start menu and if your goanna go to a diffrent level or recieve something it also freezes