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  1. Sha19

    G4 is back 2021

    G4tv is coming back this year. what do you guys think?
  2. Sha19

    A question about finalfantasy.net?

    Thank you for answering my questions.
  3. Sha19

    A question about finalfantasy.net?

    Does anybody know why I can’t inter your sister site for final fantasy?
  4. Sha19

    EZ codes on beginners

    Thank you but it won't pop up when I started from scratch.
  5. Sha19

    EZ codes on beginners

    Yes I do it just that the third choice is popping up but it did for critical mode and I did check stander mode it the same as the beginner mode I haven't checked proud mode yet.
  6. Sha19

    EZ codes on beginners

    I know but the third choice didn't pop up for some reason it did pop on critical mode
  7. Sha19

    EZ codes on beginners

    I have a question is how to get EZ codes on beginners? I been having trouble getting them or do I need to finish remind first. I hope you guys can help me and thank you.
  8. Sha19

    Your welcome 😁

    Your welcome 😁
  9. Sha19

    Did that help you

    Did that help you
  10. Sha19

    Best place to get cosplay costume

    I was wondering were you can get good cosplay costume online. For costume, wigs, accessories, props, and shoes.
  11. Sha19

    Kingdom Hearts 3 at tgs 2017

    What do you guys hope to see at the tokyo game show? It can be anything you think of. I hope to see made a new world, game play, any playable characters.
  12. Sha19

    After Kingdom Hearts 3

    Is there going be more Kingdom Hearts after 3 or implied?
  13. Sha19

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Still On Track For 2016 Release in NA/Europe

    Sound good news to us. Anyone think it might come out during the holiday season?
  14. Sha19

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5!?

    Kh 1.5 march 14, 2013 and for 2.5 we don't know yet
  15. Sha19

    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Sora still haves his keyblade.
  16. Sha19

    KH3D stream?

    Re: KH3d stream Most likely it will be stream.
  17. Sha19

    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    I like to see the reaction commands in other things in the game not just in battle and everything else too
  18. Sha19

    I have idea about SR/TVA

    I got the idea because they might be from DI and i was thinking about it and that famly haves no please in kingdom hearts,also i was getting tired of seeing threads about them begin family and all. I came up with this idea if they came from DI,but i can be wrong about it i dont now
  19. Sha19

    I have idea about SR/TVA

    Because i begin that they might came from DI and i can be wrong about it is just any idea
  20. Sha19

    I have idea about SR/TVA

    They could be and they could not from other world but, i like your guys anwser and it is going to help me think some more about my idea.