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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    ug, I don't know if it comes out tonight at midnight, or tomorrow's midnight!!!
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    Fun (yet random) things you can do in KH1.

    There are a bunch of things i like doing... -Casting the wrong spells on white mushrooms just to watch them hop in anger, -Wating until sora's || close from falling to his death in Neverland, then flying him out of danger. (whew that was close), -Hitting the fat body's chest over and over with...
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    Max Stats and Misc. Stuff

    thanx, I'm so proud of it, and the secret to getting minimum time, is save and quit, if you did something stupid (spend multiple elixirs on an easy boss/ accidentally sell something important, or so on, just quit and go back to the save, I nevr really had a problem doing that since i save like...
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    Max Stats and Misc. Stuff

    You probably wont believe this, but In 48 hours, 28 min.s I maxd my file with expert, and slow->fast exp curve. All keyholes, all side quests, Winnie, Kurt Zisa, Phantom, All cups together (except the last two), alone, and time attack (except the last two). All equipment, including multiples of...
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    The epic

    THE EPIC Background story: The world in which you live is peaceful, all of it's citizens without trouble, and all thoughts happy, in the world of Stoda. It is a small world, built in the ocean of sand and dirt, with vast rolling hills and a central mountain, called Atcis. Atcis has...
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    I was wondering...

    Also, Repliku's heart was based off of Riku's, so Vexen didn't really create a heart, he took the memories and emotions from Riku's heart and replicated them inside of Repliku. So, since the organization doesn't have the hearts perfect for them already made, they can't replicate something that...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Breaking Silence

    Chapter 1: Alone The beach was cold. At least, it felt cold sitting there by the shore, with the waves coming closer and closer to where she sat. But it didn't bother her. Neither did the sand, which under her bare feet, felt like a thousand little stones working together to keep her above the...