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    SoundGarden anyone? :D I think SoundGarden is an excellent Grunge band, I love them for their awesome guitar riffs and Chris Cornell has an awesome voice, my favorite songs by them are, Superunkown, OutShined and Burden In My Hand. What do you think about SoundGarden?
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    Anyone like this band other then me? I think it's a great band, good old Seattle Grunge.
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    à§çìí Kéÿßöá®ð

    £õ£ àñýôñè wâñt tó kñòw hðw tø Ðö thî§ jµ§t PM mê fõ® thë £ïñk. Thì§ í§ mèäñt tó ßê fò® tðtå£ ñøñ§ëñ§é.
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    The most annoying boss.

    Shouldn't this be in the CoM thread? Oh well, Vexen I'll have to say was the most annoying.
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    I LOVE this game, it looks like a game for 3 year olds(probably is) but it's too damn fun!! I cant put my PSP down. Anyone else like this game? I think it's a great to see some new intuitive gameplay. And the game has a cool soundtrack and lots of other extas.
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    Which Boss Are you Most Looking Forward To?

    Marluxia, Larxene, and Zexion I got to see them in 3D, the journal isnt enough for me!!
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    Something that would be cool in KH2FM+

    I like the sound of a multi-player you described pretty well how it should be like. it would have to be split screen though because two people cant use the same screen in third person.
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    Crown side-quest! What do you think of it?

    Got to agree, it's a nice to try something new wonder what the Mini game is for. I'm pretty sure Tetsuya didnt decide to throw the crowns in there for the hell of it, must be a reason why it's there.
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom hearts 3

    I just started reading myself and I really like the story keep up the good work.
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    The "I'm getting/got KH2FM+ in March!!" Thread

    im waiting until fall to see if it releases and if not I'll import.
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    Fanfiction ► The Return of Axel

    I'm still waiting for the next chapter!! youre fans are growing angry!!
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    zexions weapon:good theory for normal people who arent really normal because of kh

    Re: zexions weapon:good theory for normal people who arent really normal because of k I got to go with the copying thing, it would seem to make more sense, because hes able to manipulate stuff. So it might be the copying thing.
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    Fanfiction ► The Return of Axel

    Pure genius.....I love it bravo, bravo very nice my hat is off to you. You have talent my friend do not put that to waste, I will be there to support you. Congratulations, you have a new fan!
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    I LOVE THAT! are those heartless attached to it? anyway that awesome!
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    Fanfiction ► Between the Rift

    I know right ive been waiting for awhile...
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    Who thinks that Tifa is worthless in Kh2?

    that whole fight with Cloud, Sephiroth and "Tifa" was just a little thing to throw in there to congratulate our hard work for defeating Sephiroth as with then Fenrir
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    Fanfiction ► Between the Rift

    I like it I follow the story quite smoothly, ver nice cant wait for the next installment! 9/10
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    Anyone familiar with Apocaylptica? If not they are an Instrumental Rock band that is very good in my perspective, and have great songs such as "Hope", and "Bitter Sweet". If you havent heard of them and would like to just click the first Samurai Champloo video next to my sig.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Novel Vol 4 Cover~

    cool i should start reading the novels Im probably going to get the mangas soon too
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    Anyone like the show House? I think its a great show plus House is funny :thumbsup: