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    Dan Brown Books.

    Discuss here books such as The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, and Deception Point. And maybe about his new release Soloman's Key? Angels and Demons was definately the best out of the lot.
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    To be honest I doubt it will come out. I think it will be too much hassle for them to do. Why do they even do a final mix? Why not just keep one version. We wouldn't have this problem then.
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    Disney Castle in Kh1

    Yeah I know it really annoyed me when I saw it on the map, I tried to get there for hours, thinking there must be a way to get there.
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    The NeoShadow Card?

    I wouldn't use the darkside card. It's pretty much useless. Just attack him relentlessly. That's what I did, managed to win first time. But then again I had like all premium oblivion 9's in my deck.
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    Maybe it's a suprise. Everyone likes a suprise.
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    World In Conflict

    It's got to be, one of THE best strategy games since Age of Empires. It's soooo good. I've only played a preview, but it's the best thing sinced sliced bread.
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    The NeoShadow Card?

    Yeah espesically when you have like 27 in card value, and it's like Omnislash or something you are thinking, "Right I am gunna kick some ass now!" Then they use a 0 card just when the attack starts. I hate that most about the entire game.
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    Who do you think should be the English VAs of the Re:COM Org. XII Members?

    I think Larxene should be someone hot. I dunno, like someone up there said Reese Witherspoon. I doubt she would voice for a game though.....shame..... I think Marluxia should be David Schwimmer lololol. That would be hilarious. Or someone else who has a gay voice. Like the guy off the Friday...
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    The NeoShadow Card?

    Riku was quite hard, but the thing that pissed me off about Larxene, was that she kept cornering me to the side and scratching the hell out of me.
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    The NeoShadow Card?

    I didn't think Darkside was that hard, I thought Larxene was a pain the ass though. I didn't even realize there was a NeoShadow card lol
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    I don't think it will come out, the last one didn't. But I'm still hoping :D
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    yeah the one for GBA. I've got max health and something like 550 cp. I've had no trouble with the other bosses, it's just her, aahhh!
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    Good 'moro good sirs/siresses!

    I've already posted a bit in the forums, but I thought I might introduce myself properly here! My name is roxasindarkness (yes my real name is that) Or Rob whatever. I'm 16, and from the good ol' UK. I play the drums, guitar, piano, and write a lot of songs. That's what I do most of the...
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    Larxene! I can't seem to defeat her lol. Can anyone give me tips on how to beat her? What type of cards or sleights I should be using? I've noticed Holy works well, but I can only use one of those. I can get her to half her last bar of health, but then she like scratches the hell out of me...
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    Finding the Extra Boss The E.S. (Or Terra) (FAQ Inside)

    Is there a video on Youtube or Metacafe or something of this fight please? I wanna see how someone else does it first lol
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    MUSE fanclub.

    Just cos they rule. BIG TIME. Nuff said.
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    Count to a Million.

    Hey. Why not. Lol. Alrighty then, let's get started! 1 :thumbsup:
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    The one thing I don't understand about KH..

    Why are their feet so big?!?! Even Kairi has big feet though lol. It's strange.
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    If Kingdom Hearts were real....

    Imagine it, one day you are walking down te street and then BAM! Heartless! How damn scary would that be lol. :toungesmile: Or imagine you woke up and you had the keyblade?