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    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    Woot! Go Axel lol .
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    Well....I couldn't believe how many people could use the keyblade. I mean, there was Sora, Riku, Roxas, Kairi, Mickey, and I'm pretty sure sooo many more. In the original game they made it sound like it was actually special lol.
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    Saix: Yes or no?

    Hm....well in KH2 it's a yes...358/2 Days it's a no lol. In this game he's just annoying in my opinion >_>
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    what day are you on?

    I'm on Day 100 something.....well I'm on the mission where the goal is to "Investigate the castle's master" in Beast's Castle. I was in the middle of it when my brother shut my DS off, so I'm taking a little break before starting it again lol.
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    Hello, I'm New!

    Hello everyone =) XionOblivion here. I recently found this website while trying to find a walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days lol. It seemed interesting since I'm an experienced member of a different vBulletin website, so hopefully I can get used to KHInsider fast :lol: