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    new theory....on mickey

    well....maybe it was just light vs. dark.Someone much more evil then we have ever seen comes and lots of keyblade weilders are called upon. But what I also wonder is if that beast from the kh2 secret ending is the same beast that xemnas rides and why are the soldiers there in the first place. So...
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    new theory....on mickey

    Nice theory. Im just wondering how this war broke out and why the soldiers are there in the first place.
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    KH2 a rip off?

    as earlier stated u have a right to ur opinion but i STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH IT but i thought kh2 was a wonderful game and cannot wait for the next addition.
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    ar codes

    well, the main site is codejunkies.com but they don't give u very good ones, just the ones that come with it. ill just give u the code BE MICKEY 46gb-f391-68g6c ba8v-ejum-0adg3 i hope thats right, if not really sry WARNING: DO NOT DO REACTION COMMANDS WITH MICKEY OR SKATEBOARD OR USE MAGIC...
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    Gummi Ships

    right now mine is level 9 something but its the one thats all white and isn't like all connected.
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    ar codes

    thats ok, i found what i wanted, and the code does exist cause i have done it but he can't do magic or reaction commands or drives and the name of his keyblade is FAKE. its kind of odd. and here is a link to the codes but its a forum so u kind of have to look around to find...
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    ar codes

    another question, is it ok to save when using the ar.
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    can i save with an ar

    is it ok to safely save ur game when using like an ar max on kh2. i read throught the manual and stuff and it didn't say anything.
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    i think it was just to keep the summons alive and to use a disney character, and maybe we will visit his world sometime like some of the summons from kh1 were visited in kh2. what was the point in all of namines pics in her room of soras past.
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    ar codes

    yea i know that but how like on kh vids did they get that vid of him fighting sepherioth and axel, so i guessed there was a way to just be him all the time
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    ar codes

    i got an ar max but i didn't c like the cheat to b mickey, i c ppl do it all the time so how do i get to be him. if u would plz keep comments on weather u like using ar or not ot urself, i would just like my question answered
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    so much to do

    nice explanations but i personally think that there are still reports of ansems work out there, maybe that are on matters of the heartless besides his experiments.
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    so much to do

    if u really think about it there is still a whole lot to do in kindom hearts like find malifacent and pete, figure out why the heartless are still here, what to do with the nobodies, read ansems reports and understand all he knows and then on another side play a game that is back in time to...
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    secret movie missing keyblade

    it seems to confusing when present is thrown in there cause then u would need past and future. but the only ones i can think of that are obvious are rikus keyblades cause of his soul eater (dark) and then his way to dawn (twilight or in-between) . i have trouble putting sora or anyone else...
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    Wikipedia Claims...

    could be a guess, it is kind of logical.
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    the cavern from kh1

    i know this is from kh1 but i saw a pic of it in namines white room. did it have a purpose that i missed and why does namine have all these pics of different things from the past.
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    Kh2 soundtrack

    i think khinsider had a topic on something like that only u had to agree u already owned the soundtrack to download it (like anyone who downloaded it told the truth)
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    Kh2 soundtrack

    i guess ur right but it just feels weird for me carrying around a cd with a few japanese songs when i prefered the english version cause i could understand them.
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    Kh2 soundtrack

    thats crazy, i wanted the english version of all the songs, not the japanese (though it is good, i just don't want it)
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    ultima cause of its extra magic and it looks better in final form. fenrir is cool but i wish it had its own style and not like when u use the keyblades. edit: i appologize for the double post.