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    The Best Character in the Game

    Cloud, hands down, better than the original characters.
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    darkside twilight thorn

    One could safely assume so. Although we've seen 5 Darksides and only 1 Twilight Thorn.
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    Stupid Nobody?

    My sister just started the game again, and when the scene of Roxas catching up to the first Nobody infront of the Mansion came up, we went to eat dinner. The fight still went on. The odd thing is, when we got back 15-20 min later. Roxas wasn't dead yet. Dying, but not dead. The result of a...
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    Castle Oblivion in BBS?

    Oh gawd, he's the warped KH equivelant of Kisuke Urahara!
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    What ending should BBS have?

    Well in that case, you'll probably have to beat all 3 stories or something. I hope it has a scene gallery. And when KH3 comes out, you should be able to get a bonus by hooking up BBS to the PS2/PS3.
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    What ending should BBS have?

    You can't fire Nomura, it's his game. Besides, we knew the ending for CC because it was in FFVII, but we haven't seen Terra, Ven, and Aqua before and don't know what will happen to them. Nomura said that you'd have to complete all three modes to understand everything, so it would make sense to...
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    MASTER XEHANORT maybe too powerful?

    Computer controlled characters usually suck compared to human controlled. Terra will seem cooler when we're using him.
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    Confusing timeline?

    My head always hurts when I try to understand the KH universe. As I was reading some threads here, it occured to me that two importent events happen almost simultaniously(sp?). The whole BBS story had to happen either during, or immediatly preceding Maleficent's take over of Radient Garden as...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion I had a DS and a PSP before these games were announced, it's a cell I've got to get.
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    Terra reminds me of Zack...

    Point is Terra is not Zack, he just looks like him. What that Terra pic makes me most interested in is the symbol on Terra's belt and on Ven's chest. Though thats probably been mentioned already, and I'm just chatching on 'cause I'm slow.
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion He probably will Dual Weild at some point. If he only used the Kingdom Key all the time, that would probably be the only thing on his grave instead of Oathkeeper and Oblivion. The multiplayer will be fun, but I hope you can fight eachother instead of...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    lol...I played through the first time and never died once. I was like wtf? Where's Mickey? Then I played Proud mode...
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    Fanfiction ► Finding the true King of Games...

    Not bad, I like it. I think i'll check up every once in a while to see this.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Petition

    Just a guess but...are you basing this off the fact that the first Final Mix wasn't released here? That was only because America decided to be cheap and add in stuff (but you can't blame them for adding Sephiroth). This time we didn't do anything like that so we'll probably get it. Also, they...
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    Congats. You are one of the people who found something before anyone else. Good for you!
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    KH3 Fenrir

    I think the keyblades, the chainless ones, were turned into keychains and can return only if attached to one of the main keyblades. They were apperently sepperatted or divided among worlds/people. But so far we've only seen the kingdom key be equiped, what would happen if the road to dawn or the...
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    KH3 Fenrir

    1. Yeah...I'm starting to dislike my own theory now... 2. If you took the chain off any keyblade, it would still be the same keyblade. Even without the chain, it still resembles the First Tsurugi. 3. Thank you. 4. It does help get organized doesn't it? 5. It's okay, alot of people do.
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    KH3 Fenrir

    1. It's just a theory I have about keychains. 2. The fact that Tifa wears gloves so you can't see her wolf symbol, and that Fenrir resembles Cloud's First Tsurugi, and that you can clearly see both the symbol on Cloud's chest and his earring aren't enough proof for you that the Fenrir is...
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    KH3 Fenrir

    1. I think they don't have keychains, because they are the original keyblades. 2. If it'll make you feel better, how about it's an FF7 keyblade. Cloud has the wolf symbol on him twice, and Tifa once. 3. Stop bashing by favorite keyblade...
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    kingdom hearts 2 Manga

    KH insider has a link to scanslations of the first 3 COM chapters.