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    New PC, was clearing out old stuff and stumbled upon a list of old old bookmarks, and here I had forgotten all about KHI, anyway, gonna lurk for a while, hopefully my pc wont crash as much as my old one did
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    After many months of chaos, i can finally return (w00t)
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    Topic Yeah..... I still dont say more than I need
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    Help plz w/ the ISP

    ATT is screwing us, so I need a good ISP that isnt Comcast. Fios doesnt offer service here yet, also note I live in California, so some providers wont be able to be used
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    (Un)Official planning to break the "most users online" record

    Alright, we need a time and place and hopefully, with perfect timing, we can all beat the record.... so.... How about Saturday [11/24/07] at 4:30 Eastern??
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    It seems there is a topic within a topic lol Name: Noxcar Element: Wind Weapon: staff (all i can think is an Evil Aang [from Avatar]) The Forcefull Windbag
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    Why Hollow Bastion

    Maybe Castle Oblivion is based near HB?? Also: For those of you who complain about spoilers... A) It happened in the past, in a game youve played at least mostly on the GBA B) ITS NOT LIKE WE'LL EVER GET THE <CENSORED x2> GAME ANYWAY
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    All About KH2 FM+

    everlight: get a swapmagic, there are different packs for diff. ps2s. Also, even though the forum doesn't endorse it,
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    Kingdom Hearts: Ties to the Soul

    Ok, anyone who had joined had the knowledge that that the plot would be revieled as we go, and would be completely collaborative, so.... GO! Arcon threw his struggle club at the wall. "Grah I give up". He had been trying to perfect a move that would ultimately win him the championship. He...
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    Kingdom Hearts ll

    *checkmarks everything* KH2 is an awesome game, but Id add those in anyday
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    theory on symbol

    Yeah, definitely showing there on a team, maybe not under someone
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    Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of Memories Petition

    Thus we close another pointless petiton... right????
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    Guide to the Cheat Weapons of Kingdom Hearts II

    There is most likely a Test the Queen out there too.
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    Omni and Hades Conversation...

    GRAH that blue is unbearable in tren-z theme...... interesting to say the least though
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    Something (Big?) I noticed...

    Good point, I do suppose that leaves the question to be answered: but then who is MX in all this......
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    Something (Big?) I noticed...

    HAHA.. I honestly believe we have some viable proof here... though it could have been lazy game designers
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    Using so many sleights I had 2 cards left.... twas a gruesome battle
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    The" i beat KH1" thread

    Re: The" i beated KH1" thread I beat it, no to all, but i di beat the game case w/ a stick afterwards for no apparent reason
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    Captain Hook!

    I do believe at a normal level he is quite a difficult boss, but beatable nonetheless
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    Most Random [Non]Future Plotline

    What is the most random plotline you could think of THAT WOULD MAKE A LITTLE SENSE!!!! NO SORAxRIKU!!!!!! NO ROXASxAXEL!!!!!!!!! Jimminy Cricket has been plotting against Sora from the start. The only boss that nos Soras abilities and adventures better than Sora himself!!!!