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  1. OceanLovesRoxas

    Vanitas, Ven, and the Kingdom Key (A.K.A. VVKK)

    Hmm... I can't argue with that.
  2. OceanLovesRoxas

    The Axel and Saix Cutscene

    They had a plan when they first joined the Organization when and it's starting to fall. Well at least that's what it seems like to me.
  3. OceanLovesRoxas

    santuary dancers?

    I don't think it has anything to do with the Nobody Dancers. I can understand while some people think so.
  4. OceanLovesRoxas

    Another Side, Another Story (Deep Dive)

    Hmm... I've been trying to do the same thing you've been doing. It might be clearer in the later games, or they were just were ideas for quotes that Nomura could have used. I'll have to disagree with you on what your saying about their age. Not everything in the video was used in the games.
  5. OceanLovesRoxas

    Sora and Ven

    That's not it (at least not commfirmed), but good try. Welcome to KHI.
  6. OceanLovesRoxas

    Kairi's Message

    Yeah what Naximi said is what the letter said. That answers your question.
  7. OceanLovesRoxas

    KH 2 FM+ Cutscene - did anyone else notice?

    Like JTD95 said. (25characters)
  8. OceanLovesRoxas

    Roxas or Ven?

    He saw Ven as Xion because he has a contection to Ven in BBS as Braig.
  9. OceanLovesRoxas

    Bret Iwan Speaks

    His voice sounds just like Wayne's! I thought it would be different , but I was wrong! Good job!
  10. OceanLovesRoxas

    How are organization 13 evil? o.O

    Personally, I don't think their all bad. I really felt sorry for some them when they died. Such as Demyx, Zexion, and Axel.
  11. OceanLovesRoxas

    New Gangan scans

    Thanks for the translation! This made my morning!
  12. OceanLovesRoxas

    Erase Me (Ven's Request)

    Who knows! Like I said, we'll wait until we know more. Not trying to sound rude though.
  13. OceanLovesRoxas

    Erase Me (Ven's Request)

    Interesting. But we don't know. We'll have to wait for BBS.
  14. OceanLovesRoxas

    BBS graphics

    BBS's graphics are amazing! A little bit better than Days's cutscene graphics,but still.
  15. OceanLovesRoxas

    Newest Voice of Mickey Mouse

    Hopefully it won't sound bad but, I'll miss Wayne's voiceacting.
  16. OceanLovesRoxas

    It been bugging me for about 4 years now.

    I always thought it was Hallow Bastion. I don't know why.
  17. OceanLovesRoxas

    A Heartless/Nobody Question

    Yes this is possible,but we don't know if its true. We might find out soon.