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  1. maryadavies

    Film ► Once Upon a Studio: Disney 100th Anniversary special coming October 15th

    It sure does! There's more of course for the 100th: Not sure what the story is there but that's looking good too; been wanting to talk 'Neko into taking me.
  2. maryadavies

    Dream On

    It certainly is scummy. Also this is from the CEO that made EA into the microtransaction devil and a very hated company. So he thinks he can do that with a game engine. From everything I've read he's got another think coming >.<.
  3. maryadavies

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    Yes and no to the video game strike; SAG-AFTRA was doing a vote if they SHOULD against some companies, tho it's likely they will. I don't know which, was just googling that. Keep in mind that's VOICE ACTORS. That doesn't mean production isn't ongoing, it may delay any dub though. The writer's...
  4. maryadavies


    Wish I'd gotten his autograph but he was at Southern Fried Gaming Expo last year. (We got the voice of Bowser and Peach over here this year). Not sure what that means but maybe he'll be at more cons. :)
  5. maryadavies

    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    Lol. But let's be honest guys. Nomura <3s new tech. He'll be all over the ps5 like white on rice, to be honest. Also I think the new Unreal engine will run better on ps5, if I'm not mistaken, so very good chance it'll be PS5 only.
  6. maryadavies

    When do you realistically see this thing being released?

    Amen Matgsy, amen. What's worse that everyone SHOULD keep in mind; In Japan, there was no WFH at all far as I know in software development. Which meant..all the software that let the workers dial in and work remotely is/was likely in ENGLISH at best, which prolly made setting it up NOT easy at...
  7. maryadavies

    General ► Fun with Social Media; Twitter dying, Reddit Shenanigans, fun with Facebook.

    Yeah GEEZ. I don't think Musk-the-idiot is a KH fan so not sure if he knows the reference lul.
  8. maryadavies

    General ► Fun with Social Media; Twitter dying, Reddit Shenanigans, fun with Facebook.

    No kidding on forums. Tho I know RPGamer went to Discord instead of forums, but that's them. I figure some here aren't sorry the twitter's gone here though, especially after the epic break that happened a while back.
  9. maryadavies

    General ► Fun with Social Media; Twitter dying, Reddit Shenanigans, fun with Facebook.

    I know what you mean, geez loize! I'm just trying to figure out how to get Threads into Ferdium so I don't have to visit it in browser :) That's what I liked about Twitter, and as it is I may have to stop using Tweetdeck! Geez. I'm also someone that didn't make a full commitment; I mostly use...
  10. maryadavies

    General ► Fun with Social Media; Twitter dying, Reddit Shenanigans, fun with Facebook.

    Thought I'd start this since well, I noticed the Twitter for KHInsider has been removed from the forums. (No not glaring at you mods. I figure it was b/c of Musk's latest shenanigans that broke it. I don't give Twitter more than 5 years to live as it is!) But anyway; Musk broke Twitter bad...
  11. maryadavies

    petition to get kingdom hearts on steam

    It truely is Max, but a warning to folks; these kind of petitions rarely work. (Which is why RPGamer said no to them and wouldn't allow them around.) The only time a online campaign WORKED was Operation Rainfall. And that was..one out of a gazillion and they did more than just ask for signatures...
  12. maryadavies

    Hoo. Big 5-0 birthday wise..

    Max, I hope so too! But that's why I say, I ain't over no hill yet! Just getting started.
  13. maryadavies

    Hoo. Big 5-0 birthday wise..

    Sonofjafar; I AM 50, as of today. it's not gonna be. Spockanort; thanks. May I last longer than that!
  14. maryadavies

    Hoo. Big 5-0 birthday wise..

    ..Don't know if people knew, but I'm hitting the big 5-0 today. NO I'M NOT OVER THE HILL YET..but it's wierd being this old lol. I don't look it.
  15. maryadavies

    Your KH headcanon

    My head canon I mentioned a while ago, and I meant to hint to it in a fic I NEED to finish but.. The links between hearts are made up of shared memories, also known as things people BOTH remember. This is why when Namine messed with the memories in Sora's heart, people forgot him; this also may...
  16. maryadavies

    If we cannot see them in their worlds. Which one of them could at least end up as a party member/Summon?

    If they can't do anything much with a Muppets world, I'd like to see Miss Piggy be a summon gem myself. Can just see it... "HIII-YAH!"
  17. maryadavies

    Place your bets (Part 1)

    Didn't the hack/Nvidia leak happen in october too? So could of been that.
  18. maryadavies

    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    If they are totally converting to UE5, prolly not, depends on how much of the game they got done before the conversion. Don't get your hopes up and save your money for a ps5, that's my advice. (And don't expect OR count on a PS4 version but of course, be nicely surprised if there is one. It's...
  19. maryadavies

    GameStop Exclusive Funko POP! Kingdom Hearts Sora figure coming June 2023

    I don't like these things but wow, that's kinda cool. Shame I don't have hardly any room for such things.
  20. maryadavies

    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    Yeah, it hasn't YET, but considering it's using the newest Unreal Engine, consider it a strong possibility that it'll end up on PS5. My advice though; do not get the console just for that. If 'Neko hadn't wanted Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart so bad his teeth hurt, I wouldn't have access to one...