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    358/2 Days: Ruler of the Sky

    I passed it on my third try. I can't remember the keyblade but use cura and cure alot. Widel him down slowly but surely and you'll be fine.
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    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    Personally i believe that in some sense, terra is Xehanort but not in the sense that we think it is. The developers aren't nearly so obvious as to just make it so he looses his memories and takes the persona of Xehanort.
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    What Xion's based on

    You, saying it like that makes me think also. We all know you can't really forget a memory, it is merely buried in your heart. I also noticed something between Saix and Axel. Saix always seem to insinuate that Axel had changed, as if he'd known him before, it is confirmed when he refers to Axel...
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    Fake Keyblade(spoilers)

    Remeber when you see roxas doing simular things as sora had done on the different worlds? well they show sora on the bottom screen as roxas does it on the top screen. sometimes when your playing aswell, sora on the bottom screen copies your movements. in roxas' diary we realise that these are...
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    Fake Keyblade(spoilers)

    Look at Roxas' diaries and look at the bottom screen of your DS. He does actually have memories of sora in him that early. I like the way you layed that out and that makes perfect sense. I should've seen that from the beginning but then again, how would people learn if they didn't make mistakes...
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    Dear Agony

    I went down through the threads and saw that there was no thread for this so i made this. Dear Agony is Breaking Benjamins newest album that came out the end of last month. I got it the second it came out and found that even though it wasn't as good as phobia it was still sheer brilliance. Fade...
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    What do you quailify as innocence?

    People always answer this differently so i decided to put this out there. what, in your own mind, does quailify as innocence to you? A person who hasn't done anything in relation to an incident? A person who hasn't deviated to the so-called "dark plessures" of life? what do you think?
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    Fake Keyblade(spoilers)

    I'd like to further support the theory that states that Xion's Keyblade is not fake and the same for roxas. Here is a theory i posted just ten minutes ago on a different thread:
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    How depressing was it when... and other sad moments *spoilers*

    The sadest part is right at the end where he realises that Xion was being manipulated by Xemnas through the devices and roxas realises he needs to go after kingdom hearts and set it free to try and return his life with Xion and Axel back.....that childish innocence and sadness really got me.
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    Roxas's Keyblade-Fake

    I have my own theories on this. They say that only a strong heart can control the keyblade. We learn that a heart is what keeps memories. I think it's these memories that give the heart it's strenght and in effect are the very things that are the power to control a keyblade. The reason roxas'...
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    Hello people

    Hello there everybody, I'm new here to KHI but i look at the home page all the time and use it translated scans and everything. I'm a Rocker at heart and in nature, you could say the same again except replace Rocker with philosopher. I'm also one of the best theorisers according to people of...