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    It's been a long time.

    Seems this is the week for nostalgia lol
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    The death of me

    Project WIP by ~Kemine on deviantART I have nothing else to say, it's all been said in description. tldr: art project, my original characters, around 40% done, prismacolor, enjoy yourselves. Expecting close to 20-26 hours to be spent on this. Or more.
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    Classwork and other work

    Something like that. We'll start with the oldest. I'll even put the assignment down. Ritual by ~Kemine on deviantART Draw something you do on a daily basis, a ritual of sorts, in pastel. Not really yourself, but I wanted to draw me. Pastel on black paper (it's nice, expensive paper)...
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    Secret by ~Kemine on deviantART Read description. Crit would be great. Suggestions for pathway? Should I make some actual in focus leaves on the ground? I feel like it's very "blurry" because I just used some scribbling stuff (har, controlled scribbling) to suggest leaves because leaves are...
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    WIPs for the world

    As the title says, in no way are these done. Hm...25-30%? Just what been working on. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/kairigirl/artstuff0022.jpg Pastel on black paper. A continuation of Relax by ~Kemine on deviantART . Homework. Supposed to take our daily ritual (the charcoal) and...
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    Relax by ~Kemine on deviantART My sketchbook has been neglected, so you get this! Just started a Drawing 2 class along with a ceramics class, seems my art will be from those for a while. My poor sketchbook. Hm. Done in charcoal, still life. Crit welcome. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to Imagination

    Kay, working on a story (novel-length, hopefully), and I want some crit on the prologue. (as a warning, I won't post more, simply because I kind of don't want to the put the whole story out there, just want crit on the prologue). So...here! Enjoy...
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    Ho hum

    Request on Earth by ~Kemine on deviantART Goal 1: Fix anatomy (I'm getting there, but the arm is short and his head seems odd. Sadly, I did not catch all this till I was almost done, and so did what I could short of redoing it or making it feel as though I was.) Goal 2: Make not so...
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    Fanfiction ► Another thread, writting

    Your attempt at kindness or even sarcasm is fail. Gudday. Seriously. What you said made no sense at all; obviously he knows English if he is speaking it. Next time you want to be helpful, don't do what you just did. Notify a mod who can move this instead. dr. korytco: Generally the...
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    Face: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/kairigirl/face.jpg (study of the face. it's a little crooked, actually, so it means that my study of the face went poorly. Her chin is pointy and that's because I was thinking she's smiling so her skin is stretching with the muscles of the mouth...
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    Help/Support ► I honestly didn't want to post this...

    Noooooooo. No no no no no. x-x You don't want to make someone believe their dad is okay when he really isn't. What happens when it all goes bad? There is no cure for cancer, the kid isn't 5, and even if he were 5, you still wouldn't want to say "oh, it's okay" just to avoid telling the...
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    Help/Support ► White Chicks

    [Closed] Sorry, this thread wasn't going anywhere but the bonfire. To clear it up, some girls feel like they need less structure in their lives, that they want to be wild because they've always had to grow up under what they consider very strict rules about everything, that's why they'll go...
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    Help/Support ► Stupid Girl and Kid Upstairs

    :/ There's not much you can do about her weight, but have you tried actually talking to them? Maybe the lady doesn't realize her kid is bothering you; some people are really ignorant. Just talk to them, tell them calmly what's wrong, that you like having a little bit of sleep and quiet, just...
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    Link doesn't have a voice!?

    Gametrailers.com - (zelda) Heart for the Hero (zelda) by dayeight ^Proof? =D I laughed, best thing I've seen in a while.
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    Help/Support ► A great love dilemma

    You're right in at least waiting for marriage till after you've graduated. :/ By then, you'll be able to have a job, a house, and be able to support her. A general rule is this: If you can afford an engagement ring and not have to live in a box for a month (that is, still be able to pay...
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    Help/Support ► Kid in my school committed suicide.

    Whoa, guys, this isn't the place to bash suicides, I'm sure there's a thread in Intel for that. <-< Or somewhere...just not here. Anyways, we had two kids die back in February in a car accident. Both were well-known, one of which was going to graduate with my class this past May, so it was a...
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    Fanfiction ► My book

    That is so. :/ FanFiction is just given that title as most of the stuff put there is fanfiction, but it's considered the place for stories. The Book area is for discussing already published books or discussing a book one of us is considering to publish. Moved.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts:What really happened

    Closed. :/ PM me if you want a definition of appropriate, as this is inappropriate.
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    Help/Support ► I pick a petal and pray it's the one I wanted.

    Don't get worried about your looks. I've heard this from tons of guys actually, especially the mature ones. No offense to your friend, but some immature boys are mainly focused on the people that are extremely thin. I'm in the 12th grade and I've heard from boys I know are smart and mature...
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    KHI's Keyblade Gallery

    Welcome, fans, to the thread of keyblades! Seeing how this is a Kingdom Hearts forum, and with the upcoming rise of new keyblade designs, why not put them all into one thread? Have a design or two you want to show off? Just want to try your hand at designing? This is the place to be...