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  1. NeoEevee

    Fanfiction ► Her First Christmas [KH, Rion]

    Okay, that's just scary. I had almost the exact same idea planned out... except you write it all fluffy and descriptive and AGGGGHHH. Your fanfiction is epic. :D Just... don't sue me when I finally get mine online. >w>;;;
  2. NeoEevee

    The FINAL Vanitas Fanclub

    EDIT: WAIT, NEO WAS STUPID. There's still a Vani fanclub alive and well: http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs/155920-real-vanitas-fanclub.html THIS WAS NEVER HERE, YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING. >>;;
  3. NeoEevee

    What will you do before BBS's release?

    I'm passing the time by playing my other KH games on Proud Mode. I've finished KH2 and Days. I'm on KH1 right now. Did anybody else notice the little allusion Xigbar made to TAV in KH2? Right before you fight him, he says "The others looked a lot more heroic than you." I thought that was funny.
  4. NeoEevee

    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    I dunno, I just want to see the secret endings. CB
  5. NeoEevee

    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    I'm probably going to start files as all three of them, on Proud mode, and switch off between the three periodically. But I will be playing as Aqua first. CB
  6. NeoEevee

    Have you s[p]oiled yourself?

    Re: Have you spoiled yourself? I looked at the major plot twists to see how much I'd have to rewrite my fanfiction. :p And aside from some little details, the theories I'd based the fic on were... frighteningly accurate. Though I only know the main chunks of the endings. Everything in between...
  7. NeoEevee

    BbS Release Date Announced

    *screams, hyperventialates, passes out* ... *gets up again* I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! 8D IT'S A LONG WAIT, BUT STILL!
  8. NeoEevee

    Birth by Sleep Voice Actors Nimoy Confirmed

    Luke Skywalker in BBS. As if the entire thing wasn't Star Wars-ish enough already. xD *shot dead*
  9. NeoEevee

    Frustrating much?

    I think they'll announce it at E3. And the whole world shall know if it does, because my Fangirl Trill of Death will inform them. >w>; Waiting is hard, isn't it? Ah well, I have four other KH games to replay in the meantime... on proud mode, too. :3 They'll probably start running commericals...
  10. NeoEevee

    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    I just died and went to heaven. <3 As for the voice, I'll just say that if that is Xehanort's in-game voice, I don't mind it all that much.
  11. NeoEevee

    Does anyone still...

    I didn't cry. BUT I WAS SO CLOOOOSSSSEEE....
  12. NeoEevee

    ~The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fanclub~

    ~Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha~ Spun-off a mini-scenario from the obscure H-game series Triangle Heart, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was given its own anime adaptation in 2004. It started out looking like a lot like Card Captor Sakura. Until someone on the design team said the puffy...
  13. NeoEevee

    Birth by Sleep Pre-Orders at Gamestop

    I reserved my copy at my local Gamestop just yesterday. =3 Now I can't wait for the summer~
  14. NeoEevee

    In CoM which org member took the longest

    ^Do you have to sit through the credits and save afterwards?
  15. NeoEevee

    In CoM which org member took the longest

    Vexen. The only one of the Org in Sora's story that gave me trouble both times. I was actually pissed off at Axel for killing him because I wanted to create a fanfic and write him a horrible, horrible, fondue-based death (which I eventually will, regardless of the canon >P). Larxene was only...
  16. NeoEevee

    Plot Twist?

    I had it spoiled for me. About a year before I even thought to pick up the game. =p In hindsight, the whole Sora-Roxas thing became kind of obvious when the whole concept of Nobodies was explained to us, don't you think? Now Namine and Kairi, THAT was a shock. And I had that spoiled too...
  17. NeoEevee

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Awesome! Now I can start my countdown~ *marks the date* 2 months, three weeks, and two days to go, unless Squeenix says otherwise! Which they inevitably will
  18. NeoEevee

    mission hardest to get 100% complete

    That one mission in Agrabah fairly early on. You have to find a bunch of Fire Plants and I cannot. Find. THAT LAST DAMN FIRE PLANT!ffffuuu
  19. NeoEevee

    So now what do you think of BBS coming to USA?

    I'm happy about the extras. ^^ I can wait... I can wait... I. Can. Wait... *bangs head on wall*