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    online and local

    i hope the mutiplayer is online and local for bbs i know its goin be mutiplayer but will it be online or just local
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    things in kh1 that made u lol
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    look at 2:56 in the bbs tailer it looks like torn world or a world like it
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    .......who has one (a haro bike) and wat kind i have one and a X1
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    the last thing we need SE or sony becoming the next micorsolf ( money wise)
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    the last thing we need SE becoming the next micorsolf ( money wise)
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    sorry for misspelling I was thinking about the keychains and how the keybalde turns into different forms, let's say your sitching the kingdom key to the oath keeper.When you take off the kingdom key chain, the keybalde would stay the same until you put the oath keeper chain on. just my guess...
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    ps3 beats xbox 360 any day the only reason xbox is beter is halo 3 and gears
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    today i heard that yesterday u could take a broom and it would stand on its own because something with the sun alinement
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    who would u be kairi or xion
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    i saw this pic on google and i saw like ahhahaahhahahaha and for the tile it said kh3?
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    if SE didnt have disney to make kh what would they use as worlds like to see wat u say
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    i be thinking birth by sleep must mean when someone fall into darkness or whatever (sleep) something is made (birth)
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    Sorry if this has already been said in someway I don't really check stuff like this often. But take a look at this. Look at the emblems on Terra, Ven, and Aqua. Look on Terra's belt. Look on Ven's chest. Look on Aqua's Chest (Stop staring at her boobs -.-) Dont they look a...
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    how did kh ( any game of it) change ur life:confused: i mean how u look at life now
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    (SPOILERS) What happens to Xion after the final battle

    i never played it before but that was sad :cry:
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    can they

    can they also have a group of heartless like organzation 13
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    ok so in the world that ever was by sky scaper theres a truck NOW IN THE HELL DID THAT GET THERE
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    MX source of all heartless?

    no but some thing like people shared the ligth and one day one person wanted all the ligth and darkness was made its confuseing!!!!!!!!!!!:36:
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    wat about

    which one u like plz pick one